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Ginger, Turmeric Honey Bomb for Healing


I have always been curious about slowing down. What would that look like, what would it feel like? It is a sort of detox for your Life, to slow down. Slowing down looks like this: nourishing the mind, body and spirit, letting Life move with you and knowing good is always coming and most importantly, that good is always here. If you read my post on how I am Taking My Life Back, you will not be surprised to know that this drink is something I’m sipping on currently, for healing. The recipe is so simple and there’s peace and beauty in the practice of mixing all these ingredients to create this Honey Bomb of healing.


The benefits:

Turmeric is an herb that cleanses the entire body and is an antioxidant. It supports digestion, infections and inflammation. If you are someone who has anxiety or stress, these are types of inflammation. To me, turmeric has a very earthy flavor and is somewhat powdery in texture. I like it mixed with this hot water concoction because it absorbs with the lemon juice.

Ginger is a root that you can get in most all grocery stores, in the produce department. You can also purchase the ginger juice which also helps in digestion, detoxification, inflammation, joint pain and circulation.

Cayenne is a pepper that adds some heat to this drink. If you do not like spicy, you can omit this from your Honey Bomb. It helps digestion, joint pain and boosts your metabolism, naturally.


Ginger & Turmeric Honey Bomb

a cup of hot water

2 tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp ginger juice

1 tsp ground cayenne or a pinch

juice of 1/2 lemon or 2 tbsp

1 tbsp honey

Prepare the hot water, add the ginger juice, cayenne, then lemon juice. Then, after those ingredients have been added to water, add in the turmeric. In doing this last, it will liquify with the lemon juice. Add the honey, mix and enjoy on your porch while waking up first thing in the morning. Such a beautiful way to nourish your body, mind and spirit and ease into your day with a Honey Bomb!





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