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Gratitude Journal Challenge: December

We kicked off our first Gratitude Journal Challenge last month and after it ended, I heard so many stories of Fierce sisters who had their kids take part in the challenge with them and stories of drastic change in perspective after consistently writing 3 things you are grateful for each day in your Journal. I am so honored to be doing this work and I thank you so much for sharing how these projects change and shift you to a Fierce Spirit. I even got my husband on board with the Gratitude Journaling and it has made a big difference in how he is walking through his days!

Although this challenge will be similar in nature to the last one in terms of writing 3 things each day in your journal, each week I will be emailing a new assignment and motivation to keep you on the track of Gratitude. SIGN UP for this project by adding your email below! {Even if you are already subscribed to Coffee Chat with Ash, this is a different email blast going out that will go out just for the Gratitude Girls!}



Challenge Dates:

December 10th- January 10th. Grab your FF Vision Gratitude Journal here so you can have it next week!

Gratitude. A powerful word that we often take for granted. Merriam-Webster defines gratitude as the state of being thankful. How often do you pause and say, “I’m thankful for…” It is not as often as you would hope I would be willing to bet! We easily get sucked into the negative energy that we have around us at work or at home and in our Social Media lives. But here we are, FIERCE WOMEN, FIERCING FORWARD and we are going to rise and DO THIS!



The Challenge

For the month of December, join us in the Gratitude Journal Challenge! This is an easy way to give thanks for the amazing life you have. Challenge begins as soon as you want or officially November 1st!

  • Each night, before you go to bed (or whatever time you have in your day to yourself, free from distractions) take 5-10 minutes to write down what you are most grateful for in your day, in your life, etc.
  • At the end of the 30 days you may be inspired to keep your journal going, please do! And you just may notice that you are feeling happier (side effect of focusing on happiness)

This challenge is great for you personally but it also is the perfect tool to keep the conversation going with your inner circle before the hustle of the holidays! I have come up with a few great ways to #SpreadTheFierce and truly make this a Movement in your Life!

  • Family Gratitude Share Session: We all know family lives can be busy! One child is in soccer right now while the other is in football. Each night for even once a week, have each member of the family talka bout one thing they are grateful, thankful or appreciative of that day or week!
  • Couple Session: With technology it is so easy to come home after work and not have anything exciting to talk about with your main squeeze since you already text or emailed them the good news during the work day. Take this time to unwind together and listen to what the other person is thankful for! This is fierce bonding right here.
  • Girls Night/Book Club/Dinner with a Friend: Grab a glass of vino (may I suggest Champs!) and get deep with your gals!
  • Hosting a work meeting this week? Start off the meeting with everyone writing down what they are appreciative for at work today and share around the circle! We started our last Fierce Forward Leadership Team Meeting with a positive quote and WHOA was it a good meeting!

Don’t forget, this month’s Challenge is elevated in that you will receive weekly emails when you subscribe to the form above that will keep you ON TRACK for practicing Gratitude!!!


Fierceness to aid you in the Journaling Challenge:

  • Check in weekly with your accountability sister or find someone on We Are Fierce Forward {not a part of WAFF, join us here!}
  • The Fierce Vision Journal {choose from 4 different designs}
  • Your Fierce Armor recommendations: Be, Abundance, Growth, Focus, Spirit, Peace http://shop.fierceforwardforlife.com
  • A reminder set on your phone to put your entries in each day at a certain time
  • Start a Pinterest Board of Gratitude, this will help keep you focused on practicing gratitude and being present and fully here for this Challenge

I need your help in sharing this Challenge!!! Get your girls involved, your family, your friends by the Share Icons below!

Fierce, love & gratitude,


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