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Greetings from Austin

Hey you! I’m currently sitting in a cafe’ sipping on a iced latte while Billy Holiday plays overhead. Pretty much my definition of work bliss. Just prior to this, I got my workout in complete with a full breakfast and big bottle of water.

Before I got to Texas, I reminded myself “wherever you go there you are” and I also reminded myself that at any moment, I can make adjustments in my days that are aligned with who I want to be and where I want to go in life. Back in Indiana, I worked from home and the two coffee shops that were local to me became so familiar that most days, I opted to stay home and save the money. Coming here, there is so much more to explore, which is one of the main reasons I wanted to move away from the town I grew up in. A couple of big intentions I’m exploring in my life right now is being open, putting myself out there more which includes getting out of the house and being out in the world and to work harder than ever to put myself first no matter what.

One week ago today, we unpacked all our boxes and settled in to our new home in Austin. With Mark on board with me at Fierce Forward, it feels like sky is the limit and at the same time, it feels scary. I cut the damn safety net, went for it and here we are. Last night on So You Think You Can Dance, one of the contestants said, “Life is a series of desinations and for me, this is my next desination” as he referred to dancing on the show. And I loved that so much. It really does feel like that most times. Sometimes we’re journeying on the path and it doesn’t always feel like we’ve quite made the full trip and then sometimes you arrive at your next destination and the question arises, “Now what?” What a big question, full of possibility! It could be so easy to shrink up and paralyze under this pressure and I’m not going to do that because that won’t get me where I want to be and it isn’t the reaction the woman I am wants to have. Before I would get up on stage to speak at events, I would turn my fear into excitement and switch I’m so nervous into I’m so excited and it really helps to have that one mindset switch. I intend to share my journey with you as always and be open and honest as I move through the fears and the excitements/triumphs that come up because that is what living is. That’s what fiercing forward is.

Mark took this photo of me up against the Greetings from Austin wall. I’m leaning in and looking forward!

p.s. here’s a little advice I wrote on believing in your dreams and going after them.


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