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Happy List


Happy List:
+ being on vacation in a tropical place + finding this fedora + low cut, black one piece & not being afraid to show a little cleavage + having fun with myself + palm trees available in all directions + downloading The Wallflowers and listening on repeat + my new Planner with lots of colors! + a stack full of colorful armor, so beach ready + movie-making again + random act of kindness: getting the aisle seat on the plane and giving it to the tall man + double winning on my RAK because I ended up loving the window seat so much more + Yo, Taco future visit with my family + dreaming of being in shark infested water and none of them got me (meaning: I’m the whale and in my element of power) + seeing the word “magic” in three different spots yesterday + running my hands through the sand and it feeling more like dust than grit + magic being everywhere if you stop and look + the photo my hot man sent me of him wearing my new floral cap, backwards (backwards hats are my thing on men, especially him) + feeling all the love from my Tribe this past week + my round, rainbow shades I’m wearing non stop + spending all day Monday with my mom creating a new planning system for my personal & business Life + the new book I’m reading on decluttering your Life-I can’t wait to get home and dig my nails into simplifying + the moment I had on the beach listening to “How Good It Can Get” by Wallflowers + to giving in and letting go of what needs to be given in to and what needs to be let go of + to the guys here with long hair, riding cruisers all. day. long + and to fucking Life: we get so STUCK sometimes and it’s so easy to get stuck, but it’s up to each of us to choose that it is necessary to get unstuck so that we can LIVE again!

Life is NOW. Live it. Spread Love and Fierce Forward for YOU.