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Heart Talk: Believe in Yourself

What you believe, you live.

Your belief system has the power to keep you bound, shackled to your fears or catapult you into the limitless possibility of anything you can dream!

For years, I believed that I wasn’t good at speaking and that what I had to say didn’t matter. My voice, on stage, in videos, in person. I was afraid of how people would judge me when they listened to me or watched my videos. So it stopped me from actually making videos for a long time. I wrote instead.

Over time, I felt this inauthentic-ness, that I had unfinished business with my fear that I was hiding from. I had to face myself and my beliefs to move forward and live in my truth…to feel fulfilled in this part of myself. I realized that my thoughts and beliefs about myself were shackling me and keeping me from putting out videos and speaking my message in this way, something I actually really wanted to do. it’s not that I wasn’t good at making videos, that what I have to say doesn’t matter or what people think about me it was my belief that I WASN’t GOOD ENOUGH and once I realized that, the shift took place. Just this year, I started doing more of what I was afraid of doing and it’s honestly not that bad in fact, it’s something I’m a beginner at and that feels fresh as all get out to learn and work at something. It’s an outlet that allows me to express my message in a very impactful way and one that I’ll continue to use!

Beliefs can come in our lives at a very young age and we have the personal power to not be a product of our environment, but to have our environment be the product of ourselves. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. The more believing you do in yourself, the better you’ll get at believing and your life will change because you changed your thought around it.

What’s one thing you can change your belief around, comment below!

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