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Heart Talk: Are you Existing or Really Living?

Are you existing or really living?

Do you ever feel like you’re just sort of existing? Walking around with your arms up, letting life pull you along like a robot or a rag doll. And in expense of really living. This has been a theme in my life. It’s like I get so caught up in going along with the days, doing what I think I have to do and then boom! It hits me on some random day. Sometimes it’s weeks if you’re lucky, sometimes months and even years…and when it finds me, it’s usually when I’ve gotten so stressed or tuned out that my body, mind and spirit are so drained that there’s nothing left to do than to go the other way.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned from losing my way, is that I have to stay close to the fire🔥. I know that for me to feel that feeling of REALLY LIVING, I have to do things daily that keep me connected to me. Because when I’ve just “existed” walking through my life like a zombie, its because I was disconnected.

“Who chains us? And who holds the key that can set us free…Its you. You have all the weapons you need.”

Sucker Punch

Sometimes it’s okay to do things we “have” to do, when they’re in support of staying connected to you. I may not always want to put the extra effort in (because let’s be real, moods come and go & it takes CONSISTENT ACTION and effort and that’s not always easy) but damnit, you muster that shit up if you have to and you do it for you. So you can stay close to the fire of living. I have to journal daily, I have to slow down my hustle moment to moment, I have to do my workout first thing each day, I have to insert more adventure and dreaming for me not only my work, I have to log off and log in with me, and I have to keep those tools close at hand. And the more I do of them, the more connected I am to me, to my heart and to what it means to LIVE. So I ask you, to ask yourself. Are you existing or are you really living? Go live, because this life has so many possibilities that you’ll be missing if you simply exist. Grab life by the horns, it all starts with you.👊🏻🔥⚡️

Fierce, love and staying connected to you,


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