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Heart Talk: The story of the Mantra Fierce Forward

A year ago, I bought a microphone and tonight, I hooked it up. I believe when we are ready for something, it comes and over the course of the past few months, I have been listening to leadership podcasts and my heart kept whispering, “Ash, the time is now, to break out that microphone and figure it out.” I turned the volume down on that voice and it got louder and louder and so here I am, following my heart, ready to share! My first real talk audio is the story of where Fierce Forward came from and how it changed my life on a personal level. It was a single moment that I was faced with fear and it was the mantra that came to me to help me face my fear. Little did I know at the time that this mantra would become my heart work, my passion, my career. And even more amazing, I never would have thought this mantra would be helping people live better lives and believe in themselves, fiercely.

Thank you for listening to my first audio real talk! Comment below what you would like to hear next.

Love, fierce & following the whisper of your heart,


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