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Heart Talk: Taking Care of You

Stop watering the weeds in your life and start watering the flowers.

The past two days, my family joined hands to help my brother. He hasn’t been himself for some time now and asked us for his support to get well again. While we all slipped on our courage armor to do this together both with and for him, my anxiety came on strong. Even yesterday’s run couldn’t stop it. This morning as texts started coming in from my mom, there it was again, creeping in. I turned my phone on silent and reminded myself that I have a choice to not take this on, but rather, to take on myself right now more than ever. To make sure I still take care of me so I can be the best me for this, my brother and my family.

While my brother is ready to start watering the flowers, I am also remembering to water mind through this process. If I don’t, I’ll be a mess and a weed in this new flower garden we’re working to create together. Just as flowers grow swiftly when watered, they wither just as quickly when not watered. No matter how many directions you’re being pulled, how the world needs you right now or what you have to take care of, remember that you are the one you must always take care of first sot hat you can be the badass, electric pink blooming flower that you are. For yourself first, then the rest of the world.

What are your favorite ways you take care of you during times like these?

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    To quote Jimmy Buffett, answers are the easy part… questions raise the doubt. I sometimes feel as though I have an answer rattling around in my head that is in search of a question. The answer is always there. The tension comes along when I’m trying to avoid asking myself the question. The decision. The action. So I find quiet in music, a book, a walk. I think and re-think and over-think. And then I realize that the answer isn’t going to change. It just becomes more insistent. I can’t see around corners, but eventually you have to step up to them or you find yourself stuck on the corner of Walk and Don’t Walk. And then that question leads to another answer! Life.