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Holiday Gift Guide

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is check out other people’s Christmas gift guides! There’s always something I wouldn’t have thought of and it’s nice to be able to shop right from your phone if you see something you love. Putting together my own personal gift guide is something I love to do each year. I like to sprinkle a little bit of everything I love like beauty, self care, style & almost always a journal. Here’s my gift guide of all the things I would love to get myself and especially all the things I would gift the babes in my life.

Holiday Gift Guide

  1.  Rose Quartz Facial Roller $28. I’ve been wanting one of these, I’ve heard great reviews
  2.  Velvet Inkblot Journal $20. I’m a sucker for journals, you can never have enough imo
  3.  Rose Quartz Crystal Comb $170. This is too beautiful to not put on the list
  4.  Veronica Ring Bag $48. So cute
  5.  Elemental Ceramic Candle $48. Love that you can use the ceramic piece after candle is burned
  6.  Gold Feather Earrings $60. These are perfect to wear night or day and so beautiful

 shop the guide below (swipe or click right) 

p.s. look out later this week for my list of favorite planners for 2019.


Happy holidays,

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