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Office Space Essentials

Happy almost Spring! I love this time of year so much. The buds on the trees, the birds chirping in the morning, the smell of freshly cut grass and so much sunshine. While I work from home, I do my best to get outside as much as possible to enjoy it all. Speaking of home office, today I’m sharing my current one here in Austin and my 5 office essentials that make my space comfortable and enjoyable each day I’m working. I’ve always loved sharing about things I love from my favorite Salt Lamps to how to Feng Shui your home!

https://fierceforwardforlife.com/5-himilayan-salt-lamps-calming-home-space/Since moving to Austin last August, I’ve gotten rid of so much stuff so we could pare down from a 2600 square foot home in the woods to a 1100 square foot duplex rental in the city. It’s been a big change and while I do miss having a outside space I can retreat to each evening, I am grateful for this room we dedicated to my office, which floods in the light after 12pm. My favorite spot is my desk. Especially since I have recently ordered a new desk chair that is due to come soon. Companies like MadisonSeating.com offer some of the nicest looking office chairs, and I cannot wait for it to arrive!

Here are my 5 essentials for my home office space:

1. A himalayan salt lamp for my desk

I’ve always had a salt lamp. I even have a pink himalayan salt bowl on my desk pictured below. My favorite thing to do each morning before I journal is turn on my salt lamp. This one is from my favorite salt lamp supplier Hazantree. The gray is a new type of lamp and just like all salt lamps, it energizes the air and creates a calm feeling for me when it’s turned on. This one is the Gray Zen Block that sits on top of a rosewood base.

Gray Zen Salt Lamp Block from my friends at Hazantree

2. A fun, colorful calendar

I got this iridescent calendar at Michael’s Craft Store recently and love that I can carry it with me everywhere because of its size. My friend got herself one for her office from a company like office monster and loves hers just as much. I got a few inserts that I use to stay focused on my weekly goals and priorities. I always used to do everything from my head, until that no longer worked…naturally. I’m reading Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People along with this month’s Book Club read, Primary Greatness (you can join our book club here and watch out for tomorrow’s post!). What I’ve learned is how powerful knowing your roles and goals are each week and scheduling your time around your priorities. Having a calendar with me and staying focused on my main priorities has been a game changer for me, how I spent my time and just how effective I am at getting the right things done.

Holographic binder

3. A daily reminder

I’m such a visual person and have always had images, words and vision boards around me. Sometimes I hear something or come up with a personal affirmation and it resonates so much that I want to write it down and look at it daily. This one I’ve had up for the past two weeks and reminds me every time I look up to believe in myself in times of doubt. You’d be surprised how much this helps keep you focused. Very aligned with the purpose behind the Fierce Forward Limitless Bracelets.

4. My favorite little objects

I love having little objects around me that remind me of a time or a moment in the past. The arrowhead my dad found for me, the tiny quartz skull I got on a retreat in Sayulita, the amethyst I’ve had since I first opened my Shop and started making jewelry and is also a stone I’m super attracted to and this blue opal ring Mark picked out for me in Florida years ago. I think it’s important to surround yourself with things you love, things that move you and reminders of who you are. These are little objects that I won’t ever get rid of because of their sentimental value.

5. Rolling images on my wall

Anytime I get inspired by getting a new magazine or going through an old one, I tear out images that speak to me. I take washi tape and put them on my wall. I’m not always sure right away if it’s supposed to necessarily mean anything other than it’s more of a feeling or a vibe the image gives off that I’m attracted to. This one here, shot by me from a super fun angle, is of Lenny Kravitz’s daughter and I love it because she’s rocking who she is in her own style and I respect that and even work to do that in my own self. Again, little reminders and images that inspire and create a feeling go a long way.

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