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Honoring Our Friends for World Fair Trade Day

FMSC-Uganda-Rakai-DSC02816World Fair Trade Day is a global celebration of fair trade, bringing together thousands committed to building healthy and sustainable communities world-wide. When you choose fair trade products, you help improve the lives of farmers, farm-workers, producers and their families. When I first began searching for the types of beads I would use for the Limitless Bracelets as I called them two years ago, it was important to me that the beads have meaning and significance not only in being unique but also by their history. When I stumbled upon this photo above, I was drawn in immediately and knew this is the route I would go with the Armor; I would use African Trade Beads. I spent a year finding the right people to work with who distribute the beads through their relationships with these people in Africa. The beads are hand made by these women and when you use their beads, you are supporting their trade (their career) as well as their communities. Many of these women work to feed their families by making Trade Beads and so when you purchase armor, you are contributing to this gift of giving back. Although the Armor has taken the shape of many different types of beads over the past two years (gemstones, natural acai beads, seed beads, etc), it has been important to me to make sure 90% of the armor has trade beads on every piece, which are the charm beads. Thank you for being a part of this Fierce Community and in honor of World Fair Trade Day, 20% of all of today’s proceeds will be donated to Outreach Uganda, an Organization that provides beading job opportunities for women in Uganda. Read about this Organization here.

I still have it in my I Will list to visit these women in Africa within the next two years so that I can experience and meet, first hand, these women who are such a big part of what the Armor is. Get your Armor here and support Fair Trade.




bead-zawedde-600  beadsAll photos from the world wide web


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