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How to Create A Sleep Sanctuary


Guest Post by friend and fellow Entrepreneur, Lacy Lueck. She is the Co-Founder of The Right Pillow

In the past couple of years, I have become quite a Sleep and Sleep Essentials expert. As a Mompreneur and Co-Founder of The Right Pillow (Ashley wrote about her Right Pillow earlier this year!), these are things I love talking about. Helping people have better night’s that lead to better days is where our Passion and Purpose intersect.

As someone who has been, and continues to be, incredibly inspired by Ashley and the Fierce Forward movement, it is a great honor that I can call her a fellow fierce female entrepreneur and a friend and knowing that she refuels on our brainchild, The Right Pillow Dreamer, is pretty magnificent.

An important lesson that I have learned, is that during the waking hours it is really important to create a Circle of Empowerment, the Tribe… those people who just “get” it and support me. Let’s face it, strong women make things happen in life… they work hard to enrich the lives of others, they make the world a better place and are unapologetic and bold. It’s they, who live with an open heart, fearlessly dancing down the path, planting flowers along the way, which inspire and empower me. But even those fierce, dynamic people need to rest and recharge in order to shine as bright the next day. It is in rest, that our hearts can truly refuel.


One of the secrets to better sleep is found in creating a Sleep Sanctuary. As a mother of a kindergartner, a wife, co-founder of an amazing budding business and a full time Director of Marketing as my “day job”, the idea of a Sanctuary of any kind is…well, inviting and when coupled with an activity where my eyes are closed, uh yeah, count me in. You could find your sanctuary improves your sex life also, one night you may feel your sex life is crumbling, the night after creating your sanctuary you could possibly be feeling like you should star on https://www.hdpornvideo.xxx/?hl=ar or similar.

Here are a few of my tips for creating the ultimate Sleep Sanctuary:

1. A dark, silent space is important for your Sanctuary. Create a screen free zone. It is advised that there not even be a television in the bedroom. Why? The glow, the content and the action all rev up our brains, rather than wind us down. There are really only two things that should happen in a bedroom: sleep and sex. I mean, when put that way, it doesn’t sound so bad after all, right?! Especially if you use that time to spend with your pocket pussy if your partner is away. Lovegasm discusses what it feels like, and they wrote and published an article about the different types of pocket pussy that are available, so it may be worth having a ready if you’re interested in having one for use in your sanctuary!


2. De-clutter your space. Get rid of the “stuff” around the bedroom. Remove the stacks and piles. When I see a stack of anything other than pancakes, I feel the need to organize it, and that makes me anxious. So, find a nightstand drawer or a special place to relocate your stacks.


3. Set the mood for sleep. Textures, colors and patterns make a difference. Choose soothing colors and soft feels. It does matter how the energy emanates when you walk in to your Sleep Sanctuary; it matters because you matter. Your mood at bedtime has an effect on sleep quality and getting better sleep should be a top priority because sleep quality has a direct correlation to health.


4. What you put your body ON matters. The mattress and pillow you use are the most important parts in creating your Sleep Sanctuary. Choosing organic is always best. Always. our pillow is the most intimate sleep essential you have; you do spend 30% of your life face-to-pillow, so make sure your pillow does right by you. I mean, make sure it’s not causing you health issues (asthma, the sniffles, respiratory problems, allergies, headaches and more).

Your pillow should do 3 things really, really well: Keep you comfortable and supported where you need it most: Chose a pillow that supports your head, neck and shoulders where you need it and that can be customized. Never sacrifice comfort when your pillow is concerned. Not interrupt your sleep by becoming “hot” or needing to be constantly adjusted: Select a pillow fill that is body temperature regulating, like wool or latex. These fill help keep the body at a constant 98 degrees. Provide a healthy and safe place to rest: Really, a healthy pillow should have no chemicals nor flame retardants. Nor should it have mold, fungus and dust mites inside. Down/feathers, synthetics, and foam all pose health risks as pillow fill. There are so many other ways to create the perfect Sleep Sanctuary, but with these, you are off to a great start. With just a little time, effort and dedication you can get there.

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