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How To Create Your Daily ‘Best Self List’ To Stay Focused On Your Goals!

At the beginning of every new month, I check in with myself to see where I’m at and make sure I’m centered with my goals and where I’m going!

You ask yourself: am I centered and aligned with who I am and where I want to go? Then you adjust your sails if needed.

Because let’s be honest, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor! Life happens. You sit down, get super intentional and decide where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. It feels so good. You’re amped!

Then, you get a couple of days in and suddenly people need things from you and there’s more on your list than there was two days ago and you get caught in the tide of where life takes you. Aways from your intentional direction forward. Sometimes, away from what you really want.

Even when stuff happens, there’s always a way back on course!

Coming back to a monthly, weekly, DAILY check-in is so important. You’ll drift away before you know it otherwise. Which is exactly what brought me to make these for myself. For a long time, I got caught in the loop of insanity where I’d be on course, take a few steps forward, have a few great days then all of a sudden two weeks go by and I completely got away from my path. Here’s the thing, Life is always going to happen to us. And gratefully so, but what matters most is not what happens to you or what gets in your way, but how you choose to steer through the storm.

“Being your best self means honoring, loving and moving forward in alignment with your truth. It means showing up each day for you, by you. Even when you get off track, you find your way home because it matters to you. You matter to you.” ~Ashley Johns

This tool is a great way to sit down with yourself every morning and make sure you know where you’re headed and why. The key to staying on course is staying intentional. That means daily reminders. Intentional daily habits you create for yourself that move you forward and keep you fiercely focused on your goals.


Wearing Joy and Be You FF Bracelets


Once I started taking responsibility for this and understanding that me getting off course really was me allowing myself to be pulled in other directions and not standing firm for mine, I knew I had to start being crystal clear about how I showed up every day.

Will I show up and let life run me? Or will I show up and run my life? The answer is pretty obvious. We all want to feel unstoppable and in charge of our destiny and our lives!

You’re the leader of your life, and a leader shows up and leads their life. If you don’t know how to do that, life will be leading you. Now it’s your turn to take one giant step forward for you. I’m going to show you how to create your Daily Best Self List! Follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Sit down and get quiet

Open your notes or pen & paper and write down the things you know you need each day to feel whole and complete.

With pen in hand ask yourself this question: What do I need to do right now to honor, love myself and move forward every day?

Start making a list. Write down all the things that come to mind and keep adding to it until you feel you’ve got a good list to start with. And this doesn’t mean you have to be perfect or have absolutely everything listed☝🏻💯 Just the most important things you know are so important to moving you forward while keeping you centered.


Step 2: Make your list pretty. Yes, seriously!

This might seem like a completely non-legitimate step but trust me, the devils in the details! Are you going to be excited to look at a black and white list with spelling errors and zero structure or a list with fun tongue-in-cheek emojis, color and an easy to read format?

Exactly. So have fun with this and bust out all the emojis, the checkmarks and if you’re using real paper, it’s time to dust off the markers and have a little creative time.

Step 3: Use it

Pretty self-explanatory right? But this is the part where most go wrong, in the discipline of the follow-through. Of the showing up every day and sticking to what’s important to you. This is the pivotal moment we get pulled into the current of life and it’s harder to get out every time. Zig Ziglar said it really well:

It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through.

Character has brought you this far and commitment will take you to create your unique Best Self List, but it’s the discipline that’s going to determine if you’ll use it to your life’s advantage or not.

My assignment for you is to create your Daily Best Self List today and discipline yourself to reading it every day for the next 21 days.

Remember there are no rules when it comes to growing and moving forward just that you have a positive attitude, MOVE and keep showing up every single day. Make your list and tag me @fierce.forward(on Instagram) + #ffbestselflist.

I can’t wait to see your Best Self List!


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