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How To Be Mentally Tough & Never Give Up



The things you want in your life have one thing in common when it comes to getting them:

they all require mental toughness.Β 

All these things have a price yet most of theΒ time we’re so stuck in the ‘why am I not seeing results, this is too hard’ part that we forgetΒ the price we pay for getting something really special is that we’ve gotta work really hard for a really long period of time.Β 

The reason you aren’t getting what you want is that you aren’t growingΒ past the whining stage.Β To get past this stage,Β you’ve got to grow. You have to stretch yourself to keep going, to do the harder thingΒ even when nothing’s happening and focus on who you’re becoming in the process. Most people run away as soon as it gets hard because instead of getting what they want, they look at everything they’re giving and not getting. The perspective is off because the target is off. The target is who you become on the way. Change your target and the game changes.

When you start to realize that it’s the hard that forges your mental strength, you embrace the hardΒ because that’s what you get for all you give.Β Mental strength will change your life.

To be able toΒ face your daily tests right in the eye and say, ‘yeah, you’re hard, but you know what, I’m gonna do it hard!’ Because that’s where you grow. The hard stuff IS the opportunity. It IS the fight. It IS the reward.Β 

Mental toughness can’t be bought or sold and it most definitely can’t be picked off a tree.Β Mental toughness is earned.Β That’s the only way.Β To get mentally toughΒ requiresΒ tough days, tough moments and a lot of tough decisions over and over and over again. It requires never giving in andΒ never giving up.Β The next hard thing that comes your way today, look it in the eye and do it hard.


Live Fierce Forward!Β 

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