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Your Wildest Dreams Phone Case | DIY

Vision Boards have impacted my life since 2009. The first time I started putting myself first, the time I made a big shift in my business to the time we moved cross country and got rid of over half of our belongings. Each of these pivotal times in my life, I created a vision board for. It helped me notf only see the big picture clearly but connect with it.

I still remember the first vision board I made. It was also the first time I wanted to really change my life, or really the first time I realized I actually could change my life. I was at such a low point that the only thing I could do was keep getting lower or forge ahead into the unknown.

I made that unknown my own. I made it everything I wanted for myself. Everything I wanted out of life.

I picked up a bracelet on my bathroom sink, committed to myself in that moment that I would do this for me and I went to work. The first thing I did was cut out clippings of things from magazines to get inspired. I leafed through the pages letting my feelings of what sparked joy and something in me, to direct me what I would cut out.

I ended up with pictures of women who had built strong, fierce bodies and photos of a green smoothie, a tiger’s face roaring and words like: be fierce. do it for you. never give up. go after what you want, no one else will.

That bracelet and my vision board kept me going in times that challenges arose. In times I questioned if I wanted to keep going or if it was worth it. In times I wasn’t seeing progress. And that’s when I realized how powerful visuals really are.

The power of creating a vision board for your iPhone is HUGE.

vision board in lap

holding vision phone

Here’s why:

+ These days, our iPhones are with us more than almost any other object we carry around.

+ Seeing something multiple times per day is a visual reminder that has major power for that very reason.

+ What we see over and over and over again becomes our world and can influence our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.

Truth: when you can carry your vision with you, you’re going to be ten steps ahead of if you just looked at your vision board on your bedroom wall twice daily.

So when you create yours, it’s really an opportunity to consider and take stock of where you are now and where you want to go! Trust and allow whatever needs to find you, find you. The point is, it’s already within you, sometimes it’s just a matter of connecting to it. That’s what creating this vision board is all about.

It’s about how you want to feel and what sparks joy.

So let’s do this! I cannot wait to see your unique and one of a kind phone vision case.

vision board lifestyle

What you need to make Your Wildest Dreams Phone Case

I’m linking all for you to easily get your materials and have them ready to go asap!

  • a clear mind, ready to create from a place of fun and flow!
  • clear Spigen iPhone case. this is the one I recommend (be sure to verify your iphone type) /// here are the ones I used matched to iphones: iPhone 7 (2016) & 8 (2017) / iPhone Xs Case (2018) & X Case (2017) / if you don’t see your phone here, go to Amazon here and find your phone
  • mod podge in matte /// here
  • elmer’s craft glue stick /// here
  • paint brush /// here
  • scissors
  • magazines or print images from computer (I recommend Pinterest for inspirational words, quotes & images)

Killer Idea

Grab your girls, make some jalapeno margaritas and have a vision board party!

step one vision board iphone


An important note on this activity. When you’re ready to create your iPhone vision case, it’s important to be sure you’re in a fun, light and excited creative mood. This means clearing any stress or worries from your mind and focusing solely on you and your vision! I promise when you’re in a good state of mind, your vision board will take flight and you’ll be able to listen and create from a place of flow vs force.

Prepare the space. Light a candle, turn on some good tunes and clear any clutter from around you. Have a trash basket at your feet so you can easily put all the cuttings into it to keep your space nice and tidy. (it totally make a difference!)

  1. start by laying out all of your tools
  2. turn your jams on, light your candle and start flipping through your magazines. as you do this, be open to what sparks joy or curiosity in you. whether it’s an image, color, specific word or quote: cut it out. let your intuition guide you. she knows her sh*t
  3. once you have everything cut out, it’s time to arrange it how you want it on your case
  4. once you have it arranged on the inside of your case facing out, be careful not to lift the case as it will all fall off becuase we need glue now. use your glue stick to glue each cutout in its place that you’ve arranged for it. you don’t have to over-glue, just enough to where it holds it down on the plastic
  5. once everythings glued in place, take your mod podge and brush and begin coating the back of your cutouts with a thin layer of the mod podge. (see photo below)
  6. let your first layer dry for an hour then add a second thin coat of mod podge. let dry for two full hours
  7. final step: affix your case to your iphone and admire your creation!

Embody your vision. Something that’s worked for me in remembering to look at my vision case is to put my phone vision side up when I’m done using it. It reminds me to take a break from my phone and brings my attention to my vision! Your new daily reminder. Maybe the most important step here is to embody your vision now. These things are you.

They came from you and sparked something in you, and you all you have to do is step into them. Whether you phone says, “You are so beautiful” or “I will create paradise wherever I go,” don’t separate yourself from these things by thinking you aren’t already them. Or that you don’t already have them. Embody them full and fiercely because you are them. You just have to believe it, own it and walk it.

If you enjoyed this DIY project, you might also want to consider ordering some custom phone cases online. They make great gifts and you can make collages using family photohgraphs and images from the Internet to create a unique piece of art.


pasting your cutouts on iphone

putting iphone collage together

using the glue

collage gluing it all together

end result

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