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How To Set A Daily Mantra


What we believe, has an electricity to it. It can either light the way or it can short circuit and keep you in the dark. What I know to be true is that we all have choice, and this is the beauty of our Lives, is that we have the ability to choose what we will be and how we will Live. Every morning, I lay in bed, with my eyes closed, and before I even start my day, I choose to consciously focus on one big intention that has been my guiding light for me lately and that thought is: It is Possible, I am Possible.

Thoughts become things and things create a presence in our lives that can guide us, support us or destroy us. What we focus on grows. When I am lying in my bed and saying this over and over to myself, I begin to believe it, because I’m choosing to focus on the idea that THIS IS TRUE. I am envisioning and creating for myself the reality I want for the day and my reality has got to be something that supports me, protects and serves my good and one that keeps me on the path to moving Fiercely Forward.

What we believe, has an electricity to it. It either lights you up or it short circuits you. You choose.

If your thoughts have been short circuit thoughts, you will most likely be feeling drained, stressed, anger, resentment, jealousy, a lack of belief and many other feelings that are Below the Fierce Line. Here’s where choice comes in. You choose how you will respond to your thoughts right here, right now! Next time those short circuit thoughts come in, you can choose to be aware of the thoughts and recognize them for what they are and realize that you have choice and then respond accordingly. Seriously, this is a practice that anyone can work on and the work is moment to moment and something that you will be challenged with many times throughout the day. It doesn’t matter if you get it right once then short circuit ten other times in the day, what matters is that you are in choice by recognizing that you want something different for yourself, that you want to light up your path!

So today, right in this very moment, choose what you need to say to your Self every morning, before you rise out of bed and take your first step. What belief do you need to practice and carry with you in your day’s moments, that will serve you and support your forward movement? Thoughts become things. Thoughts become things. Comment below the intention and belief you created for yourself just NOW, write it down and say it over and over again today and every day until it becomes a Fierce Thing.

I created this quote that you care share, pin, set as your desktop or print out and use, every day!


Image of electric books by Airan Kang titled “109 Lighting Books”

Fierce, love & belief in possibilities,

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    Natalie, I love that. Choosing you is so important in moving forward in your Life and being of service to others. Keep up the amazing work!

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    I choose me. I choose to prioritize myself and my goals. I choose to do what needs to be done because I AM worthy of myself; my time, my efforts and my successes. I am worthy of the hard work required and the beauty of my journey. I am worthy to be MY OWN choice and my priority.