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I Made This Suede Clutch: a DIY

Last week, I had dinner with Lauren of The Resource Girls, a blog with the mission of guiding women to be resourceful and to be themselves. As we were chatting over wine, she was explaining the concept of being resourceful and although I had never used the word much, it has fast become a word I am using more as I now realize that being resourceful is something I do all the time and that is a big part of living a Fierce Life! Oh, and the Be You part…let’s just say we had a lot in common. She invited me to her class on a DIY clutch and so I showed up for the first time to a local space called Make South Bend (more about this place later!) and this project turned out to be so much fun. Here is the complete DIY:

IMG_9581You’ll need:

  • Fabric for purse and fringe: Michaels, Hobby Lobby or JoAnn’s Craft Store has amazing fabrics. I recommend a leather or suede and the fringe you will cut from one of these materials too (actual fringe material is available in craft stores)
  • Fabric hole puncher that also serves as a grommet sealer (see photo below with tool)
  • Grommets (a pack of at least 8)
  • Fabric cutter blade (see yellow tool in photo above) or very sharp scissors
  • Ruler to guide the cut
  • Rubber Cement



  1. Choose your fabric you want for the body of your purse. Make sure there is enough for you to fold it (to create the purse) and then enough for the flap. For the flap, you can use the natural wave of the fabric like I did on mine or you can make it a triangle, it’s yours to choose!
  2. Cut carefully straight lines so you are creating the outline of your purse
  3. Fold the material in a third for your purse area then create your flap outline
  4. Cut or place fringe material along the side of the purse, put Rubber Cement down on inside, outer edge lining of purse then place the fringe on it
  5. Read the Grommet instructions and place four to five grommets on the outside edges of the purse on both sides
  6. Leave your flap loose or place a closure button on it

Take your purse out on the town and when someone asks where you got it you can say, “I made it!”




IMG_9584All photos taken by Ashley Johns at Make South Bend

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    OH yes, I need to make One of THESE!! How awesome is that. I love it.