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5 Tips For Setting Intention!

abundance intention candle fierce forward lucin candles

Candles that help you set intention and smell like candy?! Yes please. Stop, educate and listen, ash is back with a brand new intention…!

Social media is an amazing resource for connecting with people, in life and in business. A few months back, Lucin Candle Studio and I met via Instagram and never looked back. Another boss babe empowering people to live with intention…sign me up! Another tool for me to be reminded of how to live with purpose…we in!

The first thing I did was choose my intentions.

Just like I do each morning with the Intention Bracelets, I looked over each word and meaning behind it and thought about where I was in my life at this very moment. Then I thought about the intentions that would be my lighthouse right now.

lucin candles intention joy lighting candle

What I chose & why

JoyEnjoy this invigorating blend that radiates good vibes. Made to uplift your spirit and promote positivity. 

You guys know how much I talk about attitude, mindset and choosing your thoughts to work for you and over the past few years, I’ve learned how important it is to be a positive thinker. Who doesn’t want to feel joy and attract good vibes into your life. 

FF Tip: start bringing more positivity and joy into your life by giving it. Pour your heart into other people. Be the lighthouse

Abundance: Attract prosperity and abundance in your life with this awakening blend. This candle represents new possibilities available for you.

That last line went straight to my heart. It can be easy to look at all of the things that aren’t going right sometimes and this intention of focusing on new possibility available to me in any moment, is exactly the mindset I want to choose to have in my life!

Smells amazing /// burn time out of this world /// made with coconut wax /// handpoured in Venice

Tips For Setting Intention

Whether you’re a seasoned intention-setter or you’re interested in getting started, being mindful about how you’re living and being in your life is one of the most important decisions you can make for yourself everyday. Here are some tips to start being an intention setter now:

  1. Consider your life right now. Ask yourself this question, “What, if I focused on more, would move me forward to what I want next for myself?”
  2. Choose your word(s). Find your answer by thinking about different words and ways of feeling that will help bring a counterpoint to what weighs you down and keeps you from moving forward in your life right now. ie: shifting your mindset from lack to abundance /// would reconnecting to your roots and being grounded bring more stability in your life /// altering your attitude to gratitude, would that help you see your life differently /// or if you’re feeling a lack of love in your life, if you gave love, would that unblock you from receiving love
  3. Use tools. Next comes tools to use as reminders of your new intention you want to bring into your life. Tools like the intention candles and the intention bracelets. Choose your intentions and use these tools as your daily reminders. Let’s face it, life gets busy and we can veer off path. Having reminders that keep us fixed on our focus and goals is crucial to our success. 
  4. Stay in your lane. When you notice yourself start to veer off path, remember your word for the day and just get right back on track. It’s as simple as we make it!
  5. Revisit & set your intentions daily. Start a morning ritual practice where you sit down, light your candle, choose your intention bracelets for the day and journal. Journaling three things you’re grateful for is a great way to begin. Keep it simple and add on to your practice from there each day.

lucin candle with crystal on top

candle with message on lid lucin candles fierce forward

Lucin Candle Studio

Which intentions are the lighthouse for you right now? Comment below your intention setting ritual! (everyone’s looks so different, it’s fun to see different styles )


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