Introducing: The Phoenix Collection

“With wild wings and a heart on fire, I am the heroine of my own legend. I sore high in the sky as I breathe, I am the fire.” The Phoenix Armor

I’m so over the moon (you’ll understand my pun when you see the charm shape) to be writing this Coffee Chat. It’s been exactly a year and a day since I launched the last Armor collection and while I normally aim for two per year, it’s also very important to me to do it authentically. Last year, I was not ready to share this collection as I was in the midst of living it out. (If you want to go straight to the Collection before reading below, go here.)

When I first got the idea for this, the Phoenix kept appearing in my life, mostly on Pinterest, River Phoenix on a movie where I discovered how much I love his name, someone sharing her tattoo with me and even finding a shell jewelry pendant that fell off my necklace and is now the emblem on the Phoenix Collection cards you get with each piece. Birds kept showing up everywhere too. I started noticing large red and blue birds outside on our porch that made connections with me vs just flying by and even a big woodpecker at the beginning of last year, landed on the outside of our porch door as I walked by and just looked at me with its red mohawk. We had a moment. I usually start to really listen when I see a theme come up in my life.

I really like to think that it’s a message that’s being sent through me, just as I believe all of us are messengers, sent to deliver something to the people in our life. I like to think this collection was born not just to guide me in a transformation in my life, but to guide you. That’s what the Armor symbolizes to me, a tool and even a guide to transformation. And this one is perhaps the one that most represents that.

Fierce Forward is about action, movement and living out your wildest dream life. Along the way, it can shift and change with where we are at individually in our lives and sometimes (alot of times), we come to a crossroads in our lives be it in relationships, in something we are doing in the world, something we are not doing yet in the world…it’s usually a feeling. A feeling of knowing we need to make a move, that we need to do something different, that sets us back on the course, that feels right. It takes guts, heart and alot of courage to Fierce Forward for you. And sometimes, we need a roadmap and a little assistance and last year, I found (or it found me) the legend of the Phoenix and the legend goes:

This magical, mystical bird dies and is reborn from her ashes, to begin anew. Essentially, it is a rebirth, a following of what is your truest, fiercest life and rising from the ashes to be born again to this life, to this person of who you are at your core.

I hope the Phoenix Collection speaks to you in your life and offers you a clear, intentional focus on your next step forward. The Armor is and has always been a tool to remind you of where you are going. I am excited to launch right alongside the Phoenix, Transformation Coaching. Learn more here. You can choose what you need at any time including: a one on one focused call, a call package with a fierce mission or the 6 week intensive Phoenix Journey Coaching!
Here it is: Phoenix Collection NOW!

With wild wings and a heart on fire,

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