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Introducing The Limitless Collection

Im so excited to ntroduce to you the NEW Limitless Collection! I’m so excited to share these six new intentions with you. Many of you may remember the Limitless Collection, circa 2013. This was the very first collection I ever did of the bracelets. I launched and had no idea if they would be well received, liked or be helpful in people’s lives. I just knew I believed in them and wearing an intention bracelet of my own (committed), helped me in mine. So that’s what I followed.

When I shared them with my community on my facebook page, the result was overwhelming. I couldn’t believe how many of you loved them and all of a sudden, people were choosing and building their intentions. It’s been a magical journey of watching the evolution of an idea to something tangible that helps people in their lives, even if in some small way. It means the world to me. So I continue to create and express my journey and the journey of all of us because the truth is, while our journeys may appear different or unique, they’re all connected.

The Limitless Collection is a coming full circle. You may notice I kept some of the intentions, omitted a few and added new. Just as everything evolves, so did this collection. The central theme is joy. I’m going to share a little more about the inspiration behind this collection now.




The Inspiration Behind This Collection

As I reflect on coming full circle in my journey this past year and a half, of leaving Indiana to see if there was something else out there for us and now returning to Indiana in a few short weeks…I feel so clear that the journey is about coming home. Coming home to ourselves, to truth, to love.

I see how every collection is always inspired and aligned with my own journey…OUR journey. Sometimes, all we need is a hello from a stranger. To know that we’re not alone. And when we can’t find that, we can be that. We can give that. Sometimes we just need to know that we can look down and remember…remember what’s in our hearts at every season, every turn of our lives. I’m remembering my purpose as we both leave one path and embark on a new one. I’m remembering my belief I have in myself and life, that she always is on time as am I. I’m remembering my commitment to myself, to loving myself fiercely through every misstep, bold leap of faith and times of uncertainty. I’m remembering my courage that’s inside me always leading me, one small step at a time, to where my heart points, no matter how scary it is. I’m remembering my growth in every season of my life and how necessary growth is to life. Growth is life.

And finally, in remembering all of these things inside of myself, I come home to joy.

“Because Joy is the thing that encompasses the purpose of our lives. Joy is limitless.”

And it can be found everywhere and anywhere, no matter where we are or aren’t. Because it’s right here 👉🏼 💕. There is no where else you have to search. There is nothing else to do except appreciate all that is and give it all away. All that is you, your life and this moment. You can come home to this anytime and all the time.

This is how I’m Fiercing Forward at this very moment in my life. I wonder how you’re Fiercing Forward right now and what it means to you. Because it’s always changing and evolving, just like us.

I hope you love the new intentions as much as I do and wear them as your fierce daily reminders for whatever season of life you’re in right now. Created for you, me and us always. We are one. Fierce Forward!

scroll down for an overview, click below to go straight to the whole collection and start building your intention. p.s. save and get the whole collection, it’s worth it, you’re worth it!




Ok, time to hear from you! Which ones most resonate with you? Comment below which intentions you chose and why!



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    I love all of the intentions of your new collection! I missed the first collection you launched but am really excited to see the new one. Two words: Light and Bright. Reminiscent of pastel pegasus from Fantasia. So very fun, bold, and beautiful :)