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January Intentions & How To Set Yours

We stayed in last night and rang in the new year by setting intentions. My January Intentions are all about aligning with my Self, unsubscribing to things that don’t propel me forward and subscribing to myself✨

It’s never too late to reinvent or realign yourself with what’s true and right for you. Happy intention setting!
Write Your Monthly Intentions

  1. Sit down with good tunes, no distractions and a bunch of colored markers.
  2. Think about what you want to embody this month. Ask yourself “What do I want to feel?” A lot of times it helps me to start with what I no longer want to feel or focus on. Our ‘nah’s’ can lead to our ‘hell yes’s!’ 
  3. Just start writing each one out 👉🏻 get more specific below each bullet point to spell it out in more detail👉🏻when you feel good with your art, post it somewhere you see it each morning and night👉🏻then just follow them through each day and celebrate every little victory!

Intention is putting your heart and mind into where you’re headed and taking the steps to get to that place. It’s being mindful and heart full.

It’s how we create true direction in our lives.

Think of it as your compass and each month as you set new intention and live by those daily, you’re directing yourself and your life based off of where you want to go. This is the key to not aimlessly wandering, feeling lost and not sure where you’re headed.

“Don’t seek. Don’t search. Don’t ask. Don’t knock. Don’t demand. Relax. If you relax, it comes. If you relax, it is there. If you relax, you start vibrating with it.” Osho

All you have to do, is get a piece of paper (I use the page in the back of each month of my planner) and write out 3-4 (keeping it simple, short and sweet works best I’ve found) intentions that are centered around this very specific intention: how you want to feel.

When I write my intentions out, it’s always the last or first day of the month. I light a candle, turn some sweet music on, turn text notifications off and get really quiet with myself.

I think about where I’m at in an overall way in my life as well as the past month. I think of my direction and my aim (my vision, my dreams) and what blocks continue to come up for me that keep me from getting there in some way.

By asking myself what’s working and what’s not working in myself and my life, I’m able to create my intentions for the month. 

Have you ever set monthly intentions, comment below!

I challenge you to grab a piece of paper or your planner and write yours out now. It’s ok if you feel a little rusty at first, just listen to your intuition. What is it that you need right now in your life? From yourself? For you? Use the hashtag #fierceintentions and tag me when you post a photo of your intentions. Can’t wait to see yours each month.


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