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January’s Vision Board


Vision boards are the best way to keep yourself motivated and focused on where you’re going. Watch as I share in the video below what inspired this vision board (think freedom and wildflowers!). I’m also sharing a new big change I’ve made and why I cut all my hair off.

Press play on the video below and subscribe to me on YouTube as I’ll be doing motivational videos there every Wednesday! I can’t wait to see you there.



“What do I do with the monthly Fierce Forward vision board?”

I create the monthly vision boards as a way to set intention each month! They come out on the first of every month and are free for you to download the jpg or pdf version. You can set them as your computer desktop photo, like the above photo, or as your iphone screensaver or even as your facebook cover photo. Like the Limitless Bracelets, they are a daily reminder you can use to stay focused and moving forward in your life! I just ask that if you share these, you give credit to myself and Fierce Forward as the maker of these art pieces.


All things Fierce

  • Get your Limitless Bracelets here
  • Download the Vision Board pdf for print here: 1-18 ff vision
  • Download the Vision Board cover photo for facebook by right clicking on image below


print it, use it on social media cover photos, your desktop screensavor or your iphone wallpaper


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