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Your FREE 30 Day Positivity Challenge!


Your 30 Day Positivity Challenge

The Positivity Challenge is here and ready to give you 30 days & 30 ways to shift out of negative patterns and turn on your joy!!! I truly believe when you shift the negative voices, perspective and attitude that we so often experience as part of our daily lives, YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE. Think about it, the last time you were in a negative state of mind, were you moving forward towards your goals, were you feeling joy, were you ready for more, were you Fiercing Forward for you? To move forward, attitude is key and it is all about creating a habit around that! To create a habit, you must do it over and over again. Even masters work every day at honing their skills. Grab a buddy (totally optional) to help you stay accountable with through this next 30 days, share this Challenge by clicking the share buttons below this post and let others know you are doing this, you never know who you could inspire to take part in this. I created the Limitless Armor for this project because when you learn to shift negative to positive, you open the doors for anything to be possible. Life is limitless and so are you and when you focus on this, vs. what isn’t working, what you don’t have, what sucks, what isn’t fair…seriously, your life will change because you change. Shifting perspective, attitude and thoughts are a huge part of that and will allow you to experience more joy in your life. Are you ready?!


WHAT YOU NEED: scroll down

HASHTAGS TO USE: #ffpositivitychallenge #fierceforward #howirockmyfierce & be sure to tag me at @fierceforward on Facebook or @fierceforwardforlife on Instagram so I can see how you’re rocking your fierce positivity!


Day 1: Your Happy List. Open your journal and create a happy list! These are all the things that make YOU happy. Color, draw and take a photo of your happy list and post about it.

Day 2: Mail Something! Open up that box of stationary and write a letter of love, appreciation and positivity to someone in your life. Another idea is to put together a thinking of you care package for someone you love. Take a photo of your letter or care package and share it!

 Day 3: Create a Mantra. With 2 days under your belt, you are in a good place to commit yourself to the next 28 days of action and with that, creating a mantra will keep you on track! This mantra will be your life line, your declaration and what you use every day and in any moment to keep you positive and moving fiercely forward. Write your declaration in your journal, large and bold and take a photo of it to share what this means to you.

To create your positivity mantra, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the one that resonates the most for you of these: I am, I choose, I believe, I know, I allow, I give
  2. Finish the sentence in a way that will remind you today of all you are, have and believe to be so abundant in your life
  3. Speak your mantra out loud and make certain it resonates and feels right. Rework it until it feels whole and complete for you. You might know this by how it feels in your body when you say it out loud and it’s the right one.
  4. Journal about what this mantra means to you and how it will support you in the next 28 days and even beyond

Day 4: Smile 10 times. Today, consciously smile 10 times. This means, if you are feeling negativity, smile. If you walk by a stranger in the hall, lift your gaze and smile at them while looking them straight in the eyes, meaning it from you heart. If you look in the mirror during a restroom break, smile at yourself. If you are sitting with someone and begin thinking about dinner or something else, smile at them, giving them your full attention. Consciously smile, 10 times today. Journal about these intentional smiles.

Day 5: Flowers. Today, buy yourself flowers! And I am SO serious! Drive to the store and pick yourself a single flower or a bouquet and make sure it is what you really want. Put them in a vase and let them breathe life into a space you will see them. Remember that this is an act of self love and these flowers symbolize something positive and beautiful for you. You decide what that is. Journal it and snap a photo of your flowers and share them. Journal what the experience was like getting these flowers for you.

Day 6: Say Thank You. Take a sharpee (whichever color you want) and write Thank you or your hand, forearm or wrist and every time you begin going down your personal rabbit hole of negativity, look down and say “thank you.” Journal how this effected your thoughts and your day. Take a photo of your thank you and post!

Day 7: Happiness Playlist. On Spotify, iTunes or your music, create your happy playlist that has all the songs that pump up your positivity and make you feel happy, light and alive!!! Throughout the next 21 days, refer to it any time you feel down, to shift you back up, above the line to your choice based happiness space. Share your songs or screenshot your playlist and share your top three.

“It’s a hell of a start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.” Lucille Ball

Day 8: Get physical. Nope, not in that way. Today, physically touch someone by patting someone’s back, hugging a friend, sneaking up from behind your children and hugging them, kissing your husband or boyfriend (if you choose this one, make it longer than it normally would, the point of today is to EXTEND PHYSICAL TOUCH MORE THAN YOU NORMALLY WOULD). We need to be touched as human beings and so often, we get less and less physical touch as we take on more responsibilities, get busier and forget to spend that extra time giving physical affection to ones we love. If you are at work, this will be a great challenge to put your hand on your coworker’s back and say what a great job they are doing, etc. Just be careful to make certain it’s appropriate touch to the other person and feel it out.

Day 9: Social media half day. Spend 6 hours in a row, off social media. One of the best ways to feel happy is to reconnect to your real-life. This will be a challenge for many of us. Just notice how often you reach for your phone to tap the facebook or instagram icon. While this does not include your email due to those who are working and have to check email, you can certainly try to do this if you would like. Post how you felt from taking the break and challenge yourself to take a bigger break.

Day 10: Breathing breaks. Focusing on your breath is the best form of getting present and connecting to yourself. Today, sit down cross legged in a quiet room with no distractions (keep your phone in another room) and begin inhaling a deep, long breath, then exhale it out, saying “one” to yourself. This is one count. As you exhale, begin to deepen your exhale as it comes out of your nose so you can hear it. Continue this for 30 counts total, continuing to focus on long, intentional breaths.

Day 11: Create a happiness board. This can be a Pinterest board, a mood/vision board or even a graphic you create. I like creating pinterest boards for this activity. Find pictures online, on pinterest or in magazines of things and images that make you happy. Put them on your board and refer to it every day. When you see things that make you happy every day, it can change how you feel as soon as you look at it. Here is a great start for those of you creating a pinterest board.

Day 12: Girl’s night tearjerker. Tonight, pick up one of your favorite tearjerker movies, make yourself a nice dinner, light some candles and enjoy a movie to yourself. Research has found that the more sadness people experienced during a movie, the greater their reported feelings of happiness were after the flick. It happens for me every time. (Braveheart, Almost Famous & every episode of the new series, This is Us)

Day 13: Social media day disconnect. Today, take the full day off social media. Do not logon to facebook, instagram, twitter or snapchat, not even once. Be fully present in your Saturday and journal how you felt after a full day of being disconnected from social media for an entire day.

Day 14: In the car. Today, when you get in your car, put your phone in the backseat and if you are with someone, really be with that person. Listen to them without getting distracted. If you are alone, leave the radio off and drive to your destination being grateful for all the things in your life that you are happy for. Say thank you to each of those. On your way home, same thing. Be mindful and take this time to be extremely present.

“It’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness.” Charles Spurgeon

Day 15: Set intention & Armor up! On this morning, write down the three things you are so grateful for in your life and one thing you want to focus on THIS WEEK. Choose and build your Armor that best reminds you of this intention for the week, be it committed, I AM, Love and anything that feels right for you! The Armor is a tool to help you stay focused, daily, on your Vision, intention & goals.

Day 16: Vision Board day. Open your magazines, start pinning and get ready for the upcoming Sisterhood of the Fierce Traveling Journal Project! Create a small vision board of what you imagine your 2017 to look like. Why create a vision board? Vision is limitless and so are you!!! When you begin to spend time on what your heart speaks to you, you begin to get more connected and in tune to YOU. After doing this activity, you might feel very much empowered, excited and notice feelings of happiness. Journal what you experience. Create your vision board by cutting images, words and sayings that you connect to and glue them on a piece of thick cardstock or pin them to a cork board to create your pre-2017 vision board! The SHOTFTJ project is coming soon!

Day 17: Let go. Let go. Let go. Write “Let go” on your hand and today, anything that begins taking a grasp over you, your emotions or your positivity, look to your mantra on your hand for the day and simply let it go. How does it feel to let it go? Is it more difficult at the beginning of the day and what does the end of the day feel like? How many times did you have to reference your mantra and therefore, how many things are you holding onto each day that take your good energy. Take notice and jouranl this.

Day 18: Give thanks ritual. Today, be the leader of giving thanks. Show gratitude, love and good vibes to your family, no matter what. Write everyone at your Thanksgiving Dinner (if you are in the states, if you are outside of the states, write your immediate household) a letter telling them why you are grateful for them and what you love about each of them. Create a ritual where you have a black greeting card with everyone’s name at your house or in your family, on the front of the card. Then, one by one , pass the cards around with the instructions for each person to write what they are grateful for about that person and what they love about that person. Then, give the card to the owner.

Day 19: Do what feels right today. Today, do whatever feels good to you! Take the day off of social media, eat leftovers and pie, play with your nieces and nephews, buy yourself something special, take a bubble bath, workout…listen to YOU and what you need, and do that.

Day 20: Declutter. Open ONE drawer and clean it out. Commit to yourself to focus on one space today and notice how you feel after doing so.

Day 21: Holiday Cheer. Go get your Christmas tree, plan the holiday dinner you will host, create a hostess gift for the host of the family holiday party, pull out the peppermint and sprig candles, plan a christmas-cookie-making get-together, decorate the house, light the entryway with christmas lights and get in the spirit of the holiday cheer! Turn on christmas music and really engulf yourself in enjoying and maybe even creating, tradition. There is so much happiness, positivity, joy and cheer to be found during this time of the year and while it can be found any time (that is up to you!), this time brings the family together. Enjoy today creating cheer!

“The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don’t.” Woody Allen

Day 22: Happiness Scale in 4 Domains. Take out your journal and write down, on a scale of 1 to 10, how Happy you are about these three domains in your life: Personal, Relationships, Careeer & Health

Then, journal a time you can remember when you were happy about each of those domains and journal about it. Get detailed, what were you doing then, what weren’t you doing then, how did you feel, etc. Your journal setup might look like this:

Personal:  Scale 7   A time I felt super happy with myself was Christmas last year! I remember setting my goals and feeling so grateful for all the things I have in my life. I wrote in my gratitude journal every day and worked on me and my progress, daily.

Day 23: 3 Things NOW. In your journal from Day 22, choose the domain that you most want to feel happier in, in this moment in your life. Write out WHY you scaled it the way you did and WHAT you really want for yourself. What number could you be really happy at in that domain? A 7, a 9 or maybe even a 6.5. Then, write down three things you can do RIGHT NOW to change that scale, to transform that domain for you. Write them on your calendar or I Get To list and follow through until you nailed them. This might look like this:

Personal: Scale desired is 9. I scaled it at 9 because as long as I’m doing my best, I’m happy. I really want to be putting more effort into my personal growth and even my self in mind, body and spirit. I know I feel my best when I do yoga and I really feel happiest when I do that for me. Three things I can do right now is: schedule 3 yoga sessions this week for me and commit to me, take a deep breath and manage my stress when things seem overwhelming and write the word FUN on my hand so I remember to have more fun throughout my day. I love having fun, it makes me feel so good.

Day 24: Sweat it out. Today, get your sweat on. No matter what kind of workout it is, make sure you sweat!

Day 25: 3 Try something new. Sign up for a yoga class if you’ve never taken yoga before, find a concert you would love to go to and do something that you haven’t ever done or done in a while. No excuses, do it because it excites you!

Day 26: 3 Create a happy Pinterest Board. Create a board on Pinterest of your favorite quotes that remind you of how you can be happier, more grateful and focused on the good! Look to it often and add to it every week.

Day 27: 3 Glam up your planner! I love making lists and using my planner. It keeps it all out of my head and onto the paper, so I don’t have to worry about it. Today, take a trip to Michaels or Target and load up on feel-good stickers (my favorite are cats wearing sunglasses!), neon post-its and really good colored markers. Sometimes, our to-do’s can feel boring and annoying but when you change the scenery, it CAN BE FUN! Seriously, this changed the game for me. Each week, I use 3 different colors of markers (my favorite being Paper Mate felt tip), I put my sunglass cat sticker on the day when I accomplished putting me first and it all becomes my I Get To List all of a sudden. I look forward to planning now!

Day 28: Girl Talk. Today, phone a friend and just listen! Sometimes, being there for someone else and being really present for someone else, can make all the difference to that person. Today, give of yourself and let her share. Smile while you hold space for your friend.

Day 29: The Plan. Plan a getaway (even if a weekend day) to somewhere you have been wanting to go or if you can’t think of a place you have been wanting to go, find a near town and explore what there is to do there. Make a day or a weekend of it. Explore, discover and enjoy the adventure.

Day 30: 3 Pat yourself on the back! You did it. All 30 days. You ARE A ROCKSTAR! Get something special for yourself today, you deserve it.

If you loved this challenge, please comment below and let me know how it effected you! I love feedback and hope you had an amazing 30 days of rediscovering, refocusing and learning new ideas to take forward with you.





Beginning on November 7th, you will begin day 1 of 30 days of Positivity! The prompts for each day will be posted HERE on November 7th (on this post, it will be edited and ready for 11/7). Save this post, share it and come back here on November 7th for each prompt to be revealed! You know how it works! Each Positivity Challenge, every Sisterhood Journal Project, there is a exclusive armor piece to guide you forward and keep you focused on your personal mission in each challenge. The Limitless Wrap is bursting with juicy fruit goodness in color and will cheer you up on the stormiest of days. Get your burst of positivity below.



  • Positivity Journal specifically for this project. If you’re like me, you’ll love going on the adventure of finding a new journal just for this challenge! I recommend TJ Maxx or Marshalls
  • Stickers, cards or anything you want to add to your journal
  • Bookmark this post so you can get the prompts on November 7th


+ 3 ring binder as a way to put magazine clippings in and any positive inspiration (like one pictured, got it at Target)

+ Start a Pinterest board to inspire you and keep you on track for the Challenge. Follow my Positivity Board here!

+ Postcards to send to your sisters for one of the days of snail mail or just because

TO DO NOW: Follow the above prompts each day and journal your way through each day of how it felt, what you learned, what you discovered and anything else that comes up for you.


img_0843The sweetest smiles to remind you of your daily accomplishments (got at Target)



This post and project in collaboration with Target

Comment below that YOU ARE IN!! and share this with the share buttons below for others to be able to take part in this journey with you. Find some positivity buddies and let them know!



















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