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What an amazing fourth of July weekend! Mark and I decided to take a road trip down to Nashville, we hit up Mammoth cave on the way and stayed in a sweet little treehouse

I spent four days away from my phone just enjoying the moment, spending time with the person I love. We explored, had deep talks, connected and enjoyed some much needed together time. After this weekend, I thought about how much we need time like this. Time away. Time alone. Time together. Time to connect to what’s so important in our lives.

I have to tell you, it seems like more and more these days, my soul craves nature and time off the grid. Spending time out on an adventure, filling my cup. It’s just the best kind of quality time there is. 

Insert cell phones, the internet & social media. Over the past decade, there’s been a huge shift from using separate devices to using our phones for literally almost everything. 

There are so many advantages our phones bring to our lives but just like anything, there’s that other side to having a phone that sometimes gets the best of me. And not just me, people in general when I look around and have honest conversations about this with friends. We want connection but slowly slip away from it when we bury ourselves in our phones instead of pouring ourselves into the people right in front of us. Into our life in front of us.

As conscious as I am about it, it’s been a moment to moment practice of turning my phone on silent, putting it away and getting present. 

For me, because I use social media for business and personal, I’m always looking for balance with using my phone. 

I miss the days of my boxy white and pink alarm clock. Hello, 90’s!

The days of wearing a swatch and looking on my arm when I needed to know the time. The days when you’d be hanging with friends or family and everyone were not just physically present, but really there with you instead of nowadays where you look over at a young couple in the restaurant and they’re both on their phones. 

Times where I really felt connected to my life and myself, separate from my phone.

Because my phone isn’t something I can just stop using due to the fact I use it for business and also, because I really do enjoy the perks a phone brings which is mostly convenience and a lot of amazing apps that I love~

I have to intentionally create boundaries around it. 

So I made a decision recently to start with one small goal. And I know because you know the meaning behind the Fierce Forward lifestyle and intention jewelry, you’ll totally get this when I say, 

taking one small step in the right direction is the key to any positive change.

I decided I’d start wearing a watch again!

This got me super excited thinking about looking down at my arm each day, reciting my intentions on my Fierce Forward bracelets, seeing my watch and remembering the significance of my decision to wear a watch. 

What I did with the watch was give it a killer meaning: my watch would be a symbol of being present in my life. 

That just makes me so happy even saying it.

What does a girl who needs a watch do? She finds the coolest rustic watch that makes her feel like she’s got nature on her arm. 


The watch I chose is this gorgeous hand-crafted wooden timepiece called the Frankie. Jord Watches creates the most beautiful wooden watches I literally drooled over when I chose which one most felt right for my new presence-compass if you will. 

What’s even cooler is my friend Tyten at Jord Watches loved so much how I’m using my watch he wanted to offer all my Fierce Forward babes the chance to win your very own timepiece! 

Jord Watches is giving away:

  • One lucky winner will win $100 OFF their first Jord watch
  • Two other winners will win an intention bracelet
  • Everyone who enters will receive 10% off (think Christmas gift for your loved one or birthday gift for yourself!)

All you have to do to enter is *rules: must do both to be eligible to win:

  2. Then comment below this post what intention you most would love to rock at this season in your life (include your email address so I can email winners)


Winner will be chosen and emailed by Jord Watches & everyone else who enters will receive 10% off discount via email by JW after the contest ends. I will choose the two winners and email you. Have fun and good luck babes! When was the last time you wore a watch? Let’s be twinsies and be super intentional about being more present in our lives. Comment below, I want to hear from you!


This is a Collaboration with Fierce Forward and Jord Watches.


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Wooden Wrist Watch

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  1. Avatar

    COURAGE is the intention I would and frankly need to rock! Many times I forget how strong and courageous I can be. Maybe it’s because of the things I have been through in my life. I must and need to step out of the shadow and have the courage to stand in the sunshine!!

  2. Avatar

    My intention this year is to Commit. To listen to my soul and decide what I want and commit to that decision and go all in.

  3. Avatar

    You know I can never just pick one. 🤪 I’m feeling I need to rock either brace, smile, fierce forward or focus.

    Yet, I am also very drawn to the chakra bracelets and balancing or unblocking my chakras!

    Fierce love 💚

  4. Avatar

    The intention that I am rocking right now is COMMITTED.


  5. Avatar

    Freedom speaks the most to me at this point in time

  6. Avatar

    Feeling a little lost lately and over whelmed with too. I’m not sure what means in an intention? Love the watch! Social media is total time sucker for me in the evening

  7. Avatar

    Courage is my intention for this year as I am going to courageously fierce forward to build a new career for myself. Because of Fierce Forward, I have grown so much in the last 2 years since my divorce. I am stepping out of my comfort zone and will begin to learn a new calling, something I have been thinking of doing for a while now.

  8. Avatar

    Be not afraid to do something out if my comfort zone and if I fail know I did my best. To grow and learn from that

  9. Avatar

    First, off Ashley, I am with you on craving nature! I have started changing my walk routes to go passed the river not far from our house and I always stop, take off my shoes and put my feet in the water. It doesn’t matter if it’s for 1 min or 30, I do what I can for that day. It’s me feeding my pieces needs!

    I have been working on breaking my day up into blocks or chunks to help me find time to knock out my workouts, morning intentions, time to work and times for education to further my business. When I use my phone for these things I find myself down a rabbit hole of email, social media, and answering texts. The intention I would set for this watch is to stay on track to serve ME w/o distractions. I haven’t worn a watch in years and have not purchased an apple watch as I know my own limits. I am typically a Mickey watch kind of gal but I love the wood element of these watches. I adorn myself with natural elements as often as I can to bring nature to me. This is a great Christmas idea!

  10. Avatar

    I am still rocking the vitality intention. To live strong and active! It seems we have missed each other in all our travels though. I too went to Mammoth caves in KY- beginning of June. And just did a weekend in Cheyenne Wyoming for Frontier days. Think there was somewhere else but maybe not. LOL, I have been spending time with a friend and her husband moving and even made it down to the San Juan mountain area. Loved my time there. Nature I believe is key to almost everything.

  11. Avatar

    My word for 2019 is “Choose” and for the past few months I have been opening my heart up to creativity. I leave notes for myself everywhere to remind me to “Believe in your crazy dreams!”(Luv that on the July vision board, BTW). I am writing again and delving into the world of bookbinding and Junk Journaling. Putting myself out there like the badass I am!

  12. Avatar

    My intention that I would like to rock is LOVE. Be love, show love, accept love ❤️

  13. Avatar

    Manage time to best of ability…. social media is great however uses so much time..I so miss direct face to face interaction with people right in my presence. …so many of us rely on our phones for everything including the time of day so want to get unconnected and enjoy and experience life from just being real …..so love Ashley Johns and love what she is doing to motivate and empower us women to be the best us we can be….I miss only relying on time from my watch in high school and college and abroad….life was so peaceful…..so would love to be apart of Ashley s movement towards learning to love ourselves and empowering other women ….

  14. Avatar

    Its time to rock courage. Fear holds me back, and I often talk about being fearless, but I don’t think about beong courageous which is a new intention I’d like to practice! The courage to speak and use my voice to be heard is something I continue to work on.

  15. Avatar

    My intention is to believe – believe in my self, believe in being present and believing in the beauty of the future!

  16. Avatar

    I would love to rock the Be intention this season. Such a reminder to Be still in who I am and Be in each moment.

  17. Avatar

    Would love Let That Shit Go bracelet.

  18. Avatar

    Grateful is speaking to me

  19. Avatar

    The intention “Be” is calling my name! 😊

  20. Avatar

    My intention focus has been

    Relentless AF
    Opening my heart chakra.


  21. Avatar

    I love the fierce forward tribe. All the bracelets I have remind me that I am a badass. I can do anything I want to do. I love watches and yours is so cool. Nature is a big pro 💪😎 in my day. I walk with my dog and by myself. I wave and talk with neighbors. Every walk makes me stronger and happy. I feel positive about the exercise I do. Every day is a new adventure. Fierce forward

  22. Avatar

    Living my truest life

  23. Avatar