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6 Ways to Create a Magical Journaling Space

Journaling is not just a way of art, but a time and space to look within and to pull and create all the things waiting to get out from within you. It is a sacred thing in my opinion. We used to take the time to play, create, make art, scribble on everything from the walls to the bathtub and as we move on in our lives, we accept more responsibility and with that goes some of the most important parts of us…taking time for our selves to just be. Journaling is like that for me, a time to just be, to disconnect to reconnect and to just let it all go from my mind to the paper.

Over the years, I have found that my time whilst journaling is a time that I get quiet sometimes and other times, I blast Bob Marley and just go with whatever feels right. It has become really important to me to create my space so that it is conducive to me being my most creative and feeling at peace in that space. Here are a few of my favorite journaling necessities, to create the perfect atmosphere to just be and get out what needs to get out.

  1. I love the leather bound journals from Urban Outfitters like this one
  2. A lit candle is always a good thing. This mason jar candle
  3. Pictures around you that inspire you
  4. An amethyst crystal for its creative properties
  5. Some good tunes, my fave being Bob Marley, Stevie Nicks or the Beatles
  6. Paint brushes, paint, pens, colored pencils and all the colorful things to get you journaling!

Enjoy your time to yourself to just be.

Fierce & love,


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