"You can change your course. You are the warrior of your sea, the captain of your ship, the creator of your life. Follow the path you were born to ride."

Ashley Johns​

What's one thing in your life that, if you changed, would change everything? Stop. Really consider this question in your life right now. So often this is the one thing we don't do. Instead, we keep sailing forward in the path of comfort and what we know. 

Change creates growth and if you're not growing, what are you doing?

We all have a voice inside us, an internal compass, that steers us in the direction of our life's true path that was meant for each of us: our path true north. Sometimes it's easier to silence the voice because the cost of making the change is perceived to be too great. And other times, you may know that remaining where you are is costing dividends but you just don't know what to change or how to start.

In these 8 weeks, you'll learn the 4-Step guide I've used with my coaching clients, my friends, family and myself to create massive change. You'll identify the anchor that is holding you in place, keeping you from growing, evolving and moving fiercely forward in your life. You'll learn to pull your anchor up and sail forward fiercely into the next horizon of your life!

Project Dates: July 30th - September 24th

Whether you're crystal clear on what you want to change in your life right now or not yet sure, Project Change will guide you to identifying the one thing that, if you changed, would change everything. With the right roadmap, surrounding yourself with people who encourage your growth and a willingness to do the work for you, change is possible!


(first 20 signups will receive another special bracelet)


+  8 weeks mindset coaching

+  the '4-Steps To Change' by Mindset Coach, Ashley Johns

+  live coaching q&a for each topic

+  bi-weekly topics & tools to guide you throughout the 8 weeks, straight to your inbox

+  private facebook group for accountability & support

+  the exclusive Create Change intention bracelet 

+  project teammates for connection and support over the course of the project

I'm Ashley Johns, the Founder of the lifestyle and empowerment Brand, Fierce Forward. I've spent a decade helping people kick down the walls of their limitations to know that they are limitless. I'm a Mindset Coach who has led thousands of women through empowerment projects to self growth and positive change through step by step roadmaps I create. My passion is to encourage, empower and provide the tools necessary to move forward, fiercely to live your best life possible. Change your mindset, change your life. It starts with you. Let's do this!


"I have learned so much about myself from this project! I've learned what makes me powerful and that I must let go of old limiting stories to own my power. I seriously feel like a snake shedding its skin. Here's to my new story that serves me so much more powerfully."

Laura Kilcrease

"This work has truly changed my Life! I'm making power moves left and right and living from the knowing that I create my Life. It has changed everything for me."

Laurianne Faugstad

"Taking these projects every year have helped me bust out of my shell and live the life I truly want. The guidance, wisdom and encouragement I received helped me break free once and for all." 

Rebecca Brownfield


In these first two weeks, we'll identify the one thing, that if you changed, would change everything. We'll identify the anchor holding you down. You'll awaken from autopilot, stop the ship to take a honest look at where you are, how you got here and where your authentic path truly lies. You'll take your power and control back.


In weeks 3 and 4, we'll explore the horizon before you, the anchor below you and what you'll give up to get on your path true north. What needs to be done to have what you desire and do you believe it's possible? What you believe, is what breathes and lives. Believe and know.


Put it in motion. Weeks 5 and 6 represent movement, action and creating the change! You'll put belief into motion by creating and breaking down into small steps, your path to change. As you raise your anchor and sail forward with fierce belief, the weight no longer has a hold of you. You look forward into the horizon and create your way one sunrise at a time.


In the last two weeks, you learn how to focus your energy and celebrate small wins. We'll learn about discomfort and how to embrace it as the wind that sails you forward!

Heart Work Reminder: The time, energy and care you put into yourself and this journey over the next 8 weeks will directly reflect in what you get out of it. You will get from this what you give to yourself. When you show up for the work, the work will show up for you. Everything is here that you need to create change and be supported in that change. Let's create change!


When you signup, you choose to travel or keep your journal. When you travel your journal, you and your group physically send one another's journals to each other through snail mail every other week. There is a schedule you'll receive from me so don't worry, it's not complicated, it's overall a commitment you make to send a journal every other week. Over the course of 8 weeks, every person will have received their teammate's journal.

If you keep your journal, while you'll still have 3 teammates you can connect with, it will be more of a personal project you go through in your own journal over the 8 weeks. 

There are benefits to doing both, it's a matter of personal preference.

Important Disclaimer: If you choose to travel your journal, anyone who does not follow through with sending their teammates journals out or does not follow the schedule of sending their journals bi-weekly, will no longer be able to take part in any future projects. This is a commitment you make to your teammates and yourself. Thank you for understanding and respecting these guidelines.


You've signed up for Project Change...now what?! Check your email for your Welcome Guide! Mark your calendar for the start date of July 30th, go find your perfect project journal that you'll use over the course of the 8 weeks and share this project with as many friends as you know would benefit from it! 

Before the start date, you can expect to receive your exclusive intention bracelet in the mail and receive your Teams in the welcome email on Monday, July 23rd, one week before the project start date.

On Monday, July 30th, you'll receive your first topic via email. In this email everything you will need will be included. Journaling prompts, tools and the step by step guide to creating change. 


How will I get the topics?  Every other week on Mondays, you will receive your topic straight in your inbox.

Do I have to have facebook to take part in this project? No, the facebook group is an added accountability for you to connect with your teammates and others throughout the 8 week course. If you don't have facebook, you'll receive every topic via email with everything you'll need.

What happens after I sign up? When you register for the project, you'll receive a Welcome Guide in your email. On Monday, July 23rd you'll get an email with your teams and final details you need to know before your journey begins the next Monday.

Can anyone take part in this project? Yes: international and domestic, male and female!

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