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July Desktop Vision Board & Playlist

Hey amiga, I can’t believe we’re already in month 7 of the year. Can you?

I’m a little late to the vision board party this month. Traveling for festivals is so much fun and I love spreading the ff message but it can take a lot out of me. I’m not stressing, I’m excited to just do my best every day and still take care of my self and my own needs. I’ve learned to not take things too seriously anymore because it can take all the fun right out of what you do. So now I just try to go with the flow and let the path unfold as it does. It feels so much happier to me that way!

Sat down this morning with my coffee and, like I always do, created whatever felt best. I like to let my intuition and inner guidance create these boards.

This one feels SO good, doesn’t it!

It’s like a cotton candy dream. 

To me, this one’s all about possibility for our future selves. Like, really letting go of your old stories about what you can’t do, what didn’t work and what you’re not sure you can do and having the courage to open your eyes wide like you did when you were a little girl…and looking with new eyes at the horizon.

Here are a few q’s to get you thinking so you connect deeper with this month’s message: (optional: grab your journal!)

Have you stopped dreaming? Why?

What would you do if you could do ANYTHING in your life right now?

How does that version of you show up differently than you’re showing up lately?


Remember, it’s never too late to start living the life you dream for yourself. Dreaming is not enough, we gotta take one fierce, courageous step forward into creating our dreams. Day by day, baby step by baby step.

Here are a few fun inspirations I’ve been doing this past month that I hope to inspire you to really start thinking about how powerful living with intention really is.

Inspiring daily steps I’m taking, you can take them too!

It’s so important to live with intention and that means bringing in new habits and efforts to your daily life. Here are the things I’ve been focusing on this past month that have helped me live more intentionally:

☺︎ What I’m reading: Relentless by Tim S. Grover

☺︎  What I’m learning: that if I really want something to grow, there’s a point you reach where you just can’t do it alone.

☺︎  My favorite new daily habit: writing a set time frame each day for my first book

☺︎  What I’m practicing: a new thing I just started where I go on a walk, focus on a problem I’m having (choose your biggest current problem) then the whole intention is to find a solution to your problem during your walk. I did my first one yesterday and low and behold found a solution. It really worked to focus on being solution oriented vs. stuck in my problem. = being intentional about being solution oriented > drowing in problems which is also more victim-mindset

☺︎  What I’m writing: my first book. Finally stopped making excuses and just f*cking writing from my heart.

☺︎  What I’m drinking: lots of water with a side strawberry GT’s kombucha once a week as a small celebration!


July’s vision board, artwork joyfully created by Ashley Johns


Set your fierce vision board as your desktop wallpaper, your phone’s screensaver or your facebook cover photo. Print it out and scotch tape it to your office wall or if the board really speaks to you, BLOW IT UP AND FRAME IT!

+ Download July’s vision board graphic for your desktop, iphone wallpaper or facebook cover photo (once you click link, right click and save image to desktop or phone)  here 

+ Download the PDF for printing and hanging in your office, bathroom or wherever your heart desires: click—> Fierce Forward Vision Board July ’19 By Ashley Johns WIDE copy

+ Get July’s Spotify Playlist here

SPREAD THE FIERCE ~ SHARE THE VISION BOARD WITH OTHER WOMEN WHO would love looking at a daily reminder or who you want to introduce to Fierce Forward the Movement. Share buttons at bottom of post, scroll down then leave some love & drop a note so I know who’s on the side of our computers :) #spreadthefierceforwardmovement

I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Comment below, what’s the one thing that most stands out on this month’s vision board?

(hint: this is your intuition telling you to focus on this month, the signs are all around us, all we have to do is open our eyes and listen)

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