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Leap and Grow Your Wings on the Way Down

A message from Mark about having faith and leaping.

“Leap and grow your wings on the way down” – Les Brown

My name is Mark, I am Ashley’s husband and a recovering life zombie.

I worked for over 10 years doing the same basic job. Initially like most everything else that is new it was great but over time it started to be a grind. I worked in a cubicle farm and my schedule was ten hour days and working every other saturday. Over time the schedule along with the repetitive nature of the job turned me into a zombie. I was not engaged with my day’s activities and looked for ways to distract myself from the monotony. Every Sunday evening I was in a bad mood and lived for the weekend, or should I say the weekends where I would have at least two days off. Even when I was not at work I often felt numb to life except during my gym workouts and periodic bouts of alcohol consumption. Ash and I both wanted to leave Indiana for something new. I really wanted to go somewhere with no snow, more cultural diversity and better opportunities for work and enjoying life. For me the decision to make a change with my job and my geographic location came to a head when I was in Africa and France with Ashley earlier this year. The time away coupled with experiencing other ways of life made me determined to start the process of waking up and changing my reality. Once we arrived back home from the trip I contacted a realtor and got the ball rolling.

What kept me in the job for so long was that the job paid well and it was stable. I am not the type of person to take risks and I like routine so it took a while to get the point where I had enough of where I was.

I am also not the type of person to take leaps of faith. I must research the outcome and weigh the positives and negatives and then wait for things to fall into place before making the next step. This process of relocating to Texas required numerous leaps of faith. We invested money into the house hoping to increase the value, we decided to move to Austin before I ever visited (and I really like the city), we signed a lease before the Indiana house had passed buyer inspection (no major issues were discovered), I quit my job and started driving to Texas before the buyers signed their closing documents (closing went through without a hitch) and we moved without me finding a job first (I have been working with Ashley on her business). Going through this has taught me that faith can play a role in my life, that I don’t need to always try to be certain of the outcome before making a decision and to better recognize when my decisions are either going to send me upstream fighting the current the whole way or cruising downstream allowing things to fall into place.

Each person’s circumstances are different and I know not everyone wants to move to a new area or maybe not even leave their company. If you are happy then great but if not, make a plan and make a change. You only have one life so do not get stuck in a rut where each day, week, month and year becomes a perpetual revolving door leading to nowhere. Don’t wait for something new to fall into your lap or for your current situation to get so bad you have to make the change. Have faith that the change you want to make will work out and don’t fear that you will be making a mistake. Mistakes and risks help you grow and if you are not ever growing are you really living?


Our first hike to see the view of Austin

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  1. Matt,
    Thank you for the good vibrations!

  2. Kylie,
    Yes, you got it! True north is the way. Feeling all your feels. Thank you for being a light in my life.

  3. Judy,
    Thank you for your support and love. xo

  4. Mark
    That was a great note and thank you for sharing. I am glad you both are on a new journey in life and you are correct you have one life and live it the best way possible.

  5. How amazing that you found a path to spread your wings on and with a fiercely beautiful warrior spirit beside you to watch such a transformation take place. Take flight Mark and take in the extraordinary space you have created for yourself. When you truly find your way on your own true north path we find that every breath, every step, and every piece of the greater puzzle excites the spirit that we thought we had lost. So go be you. FIERCELY. FREELY and FINALLY!!

  6. Well said and congratulations! Good vibrations to you both in your future endeavors.