Let Go

Let Go

Everybody’s got a past. The past does not equal the future unless you live there. Tony Robbins

The last topic was Purpose and I want to ask you to let go of that topic and now focus your attention solely on this one. That means, letting go of all the feelings that arose while working in that topic. Tony’s quote about hits the mark. I also want to add that if we’re living in our past, that creates our future. Ways we can live in our past is by past beliefs, past pain, past ideas on who we are and more. Overall, I’m targeting in this topic, anything that you have been carrying in your fierce back pack, that no longer serves you, letting that go so you may be moving forward for you and doing it from your heart!

Are you on or off the mark? Do you ever listen and know when you feel on and also, when you feel off? Most of us, especially women, have this gift of listening and feeling and knowing when something is right or not. It’s this black and white with no gray area feeling. But often times, we push our gut and our heart feelings to the back and move on without truly listening and weighing their voice. Could their message to us mean something? Could it change the course of my life if I listened? Is it possible it hits the mark and I need to shift my path now? We don’t always want to move and change and shift and listen. But what if you did? What could be different in your life if you started listening more to your heart, to your gut and your intuition when it tells you if you’re on or off the mark? So what is this mark?

The Mark

The Mark is something you feel. I’m going to give you an extreme and then a very soft example of the Mark. If you’ve ever gone down a black alley by yourself or watched a tv show where someone has, something in your gut tells you to keep your eyes peeled and that this might not be the best path to travel due to obvious reasons. You’re off the mark by being somewhere that doesn’t feel right because it doesn’t feel safe, good, comfortable, etc. Essentially, you’re not ON the mark. Now for the more subtle example. You open facebook and look at your VIP notifications and haven’t yet taken time for you to do the work that you committed yourself to. You feel off the mark. (I’m giving this example because I’ve listened to each of you experience this) You feel that you didn’t take the time, you feel guilty, you can’t understand why you haven’t felt connected to your purpose, that you aren’t following through and whatever individual feelings you have about it. All you know is, you either feel good or you don’t.

You can ask yourself daily and in any moment if you are on or off the mark. Creating a connection with your inner self is like finding the rainbow inside your badass self. It starts to speak all the time, in all colors and areas of your life and the more you follow it and use it, the more it shines for you.

Personal testimony to listening to my heart:

I have always been intuitive and while that voice is strong naturally within me, I often times hear it then create a case for why it isn’t right instead of creating a case around it and really, the best thing I could do is not create a case at all and just listen: am I on the mark or not? I equate this topic to following my heart. In december, I knew I needed to make a choice if I was going to follow my heart to Africa and Fierce Forward for me or if I would stay here and attend two festivals. Immediately, I knew what I wanted to do because my intuition, my heart told me. And then I started building a case around why it was most likely wrong, because it was scarier and more uncomfortable to do what I really wanted to do. I knew I had to get vaccines, get everything in order, find a way to meet these women, know what’s going on in the world and try not to worry, face my fear of flying and doing it for a really long trip over the ocean and really, feel uncomfortable in many ways. But I knew that I would be off the mark if I didn’t listen to what I really wanted. That, to me, is on the mark. Another way I know I’m on the mark is by knowing my core values are being met. Following those. Two of my core values is following my heart and freedom and Africa checks those boxes.

And the most integral part of listening to your heart, is knowing that in doing that, you must let go of things so you can move forward to march to the beat of being ON your mark. Letting go is SO BIG.

Letting go assignment:

1. The Mark.

In March to mid April, plan a day trip for you (yes, I’m going there!) to where you will fiercely commit yourself to you and completing, wholeheartedly, this topic. Share where you will go and what you will do in the group and with your buddy. Take your time answering these questions. Give yourself your most authentic answers so you can be honest with yourself.

In your journal, answer these questions:

a. What does being on the Mark feel like to you?

b. What does being off the Mark feel like to you?

c. What are you currently doing that is off the mark for you? Can include behaviors, past beliefs you’re holding on to, choices you’re making or not making.

d. What are you currently doing that is on the mark for you?

2. Let Go.

a. Think of where you are in your life with your thoughts. What 3 thoughts or beliefs are holding you back from living your fiercest life? (think about the conversations you have with yourself when it comes to moving forward for you)

b. Think of where you are in your life with your actions. What 3 actions or lack of action are holding you back from living your fiercest life?

c. What are 3 things you need to let go of, to take out of the backpack that are no longer serving you or your best self?

d. What is the most important thing you can let go of today?


To always be doing for yourself

Getting back to the heart of the day: set Intention with your Weekly Action Sheet. Before your week begins, set your intention for the week. Stay close to WHY you’re moving forward, to your Heart Work, your Values & your Vision.

Daily Self Study. Each day, take 5-10 minutes and journal on anything that you are currently working through, past and towards. It is your choice, let your intuition guide you. Begin by looking for quotes on Purpose on Pinterest to get inspired. When your heart points you strongly to a quote, begin writing about it. What stands out to you? Does it point you in any direction or speak to you about your Purpose?

Tools in the toolbox:

Your weekly action sheet: ff_weeklygoalsws_final.

Remember the work happens every day by you:

When you do the work, YOU WILL see change and you will feel the shift. That is something so many struggle with and whether you are “putting it off,” “not sure how to sift through all the work,” “not sure how to begin” or just plain not feeling it right now, all. you. have. to. do. is. start. And you begin anew every day. So each day, create 15 minutes for yourself to do daily self study. It truly is about connecting with yourself every day. The answers will come when you connect. If you do only one thing, let it be your Daily Self Study.