March Vision Board + Screensaver

You guys, I am seriously serious when I say this: to move forward, you must first let go. You know that thing you are holding onto, that chip on your shoulder, that person you could clench your teeth with anger at, that thing that is just so unfair, that belief that you shouldn’t have gone through that, that record player playing that same tune, over and over and over again.

It is time to let that story go. You know why? Because you have something much bigger than that to do: move forward. At any moment, you can move forward and let that shit go. Because it is 100% steaming poop piled up in a corner of the Room of Your Life, stinking it up. So you take the trash out and you Fierce Forward!

The March Vision Board is all about putting yourself first. I did a Real Talk video today (watch the full message here) talking about why this is so important to do. Putting yourself first is the single most important part of Fiercing Forward that you will ever start and ever do, time after time again. Never stop moving forward for you and be sure to grab the PDF below and tag me so I can see how you rock your March Vision Board!

Letting go of the poop and moving forward for you,


Get your March Vision PDF here!!

Set as desktop + Set as phone screensaver or wallpaper + Print & laminate + Post everywhere around you + USE IT!

If you love this vision board, share it below so other people can be inspired and motivated to Fierce Forward, just like you. You never know who you are inspiring by your own personal movement forward.

Simple screensaver setting instructions for your iphone


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A girl who values growing, being 100% who I am, the golden rule and having fun on the journey of life!


  1. Dawn,

    I do believe challenges always come to us for us to learn a lesson. I also think things happen that will push us out if we weren’t able to do it ourselves, so our course goes in the right direction it was meant to. I’m so glad you read this and thought about this thing you have been holding on to. When we clear space and let go, we are creating more space to bring on more abundance. Keep being Fierce Dawn!

    xoxo Ash

  2. This so rings true to me. 5 years ago I went thru what I call “hell”. A person, a work place bully” who put a target on my back and wanted to ensure I would lose my job. Well my fight ended when my mental and physical health began to suffer. That was five years ago and when ever I see this person I feel such hate and anger. I realized reading this post that I have not let that shit go, I am hanging on cause I feel that never should have been allowed to happen! That shit is hold ing me back, I know it! I have not figured out how to fierce forward, let that shit go….But your post hit a nerve with me! FIERCE FORWARD

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