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March Vision Board

march2015motivationboardDeath Cab for Cutie Pandora station is on and it’s a good day! We are getting our water turned back on after five days of it being off and my website is back up and working. It’s a good day! I did this vision board two days ago which has been the first time I have been able to sit down to create since being on both sides of America in two weeks. It has been an amazing and adventurous ride but I was so glad to sit down with this and just create. It’s funny, when I create these boards, I don’t match them up to what is happening in the world like spring coming or Easter on the rise, I just go with what feels right and as I was finding images, I noticed myself for the first time being pulled to opposing forces. I was finding forward movement action and at the same time zen and peace initiative and so I went with both. Because isn’t that the balancing act we all face, to Fierce Forward and at the same time, to know when to pull back and let go.

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