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May Vision Board & NEW Sisterhood Armor


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Fierce Forward, just like Life and humans, has had a way of evolving. It has blossomed into more than a single Journey, but into a Journey of people Worldwide. I created it as a Mantra to strengthen me to be the woman I desired to be and to live the Life I wanted to live. I started a facebook page and posted every day about my Journey of Fiercing Forward, which, over time, became a Transformation of mind, body and spirit for me. As I took a turn on my road, I created a private facebook group that would foster a space of love, union, connectedness and a safe haven for women to come and share in their forward movement, together. Almost three years later, this “space” has blossomed into a Sisterhood, into The Fierce Tribe that is so BIG in heart and soul. It is true, Fierce Forward is a brand, a business, a mantra, a way of Life, an umbrella on a rainy day, the light when there is darkness and it is comprised of the most badass, fierce women I have ever felt in one place.


It is not always meant for all of us to have been blessed at the beginning of our Life with sisters, with a best group of girlfriends that you trust with your Life (Sex & The City girls have my heart) and with women who uplift us and protect our happiness with their hearts. For me, I have always envisioned and desired a close group of women that I can be my Fiercest Self with, who make me laugh, who authentically care about me, who put down their shields and know that we walk this path together and who love me. I have not had that in my Life with girlfriends, but I have been lucky to find one best girlfriend who I call once every other week and we pick right back up where we left off, I have a mom who supports and loves me and two aunts that have always made me feel like we are bf’s and now, I have a Tribe. I know I am not alone in knowing it is not easy to find the right women in our lives, but I know that within Fierce Forward, we have that. What a blessing and a joy to be able to be a part of this Journey and to do it together. I welcome you to our Tribe and welcome you to, if you have been watching but not yet posted, introduce yourself, how you found Fierce Forward, how you are or desire to Fierce Forward in your Life and simply open the door to possibility. I promise you, you will feel like you opened the door to home and that door is always open for you.

This month, I honor our Sisterhood, our Girl Gang, our Tribe and all of the Soul Sisters who have become one with Fierce Forward and this Tribe. Here is to you, to me, to her, to us and to welcoming many more women into our boundless Tribe of Fierceness, love and soul. We Are Fierce Forward!

Join The Fierce Tribe because this is already Your Tribe

Scroll down for the NEW Sisterhood Armor and the rest of the May Stack of the Month & the downloadable May Vision Board


The NEW Sisterhood Armor is included in the Exclusive and Limited Edition, May Stack of the Month. The Sisterhood Armor is a reflection of each of us, that make up our Fierce Tribe. All of us are individual and completely unique, making up our Fierce selves! YOU CHOOSE the main stone (choices: amethyst, herkimer diamond quartz, turquoise or a metal skull) that will reflect how you feel about our Sisterhood, who you are and the light you bring. The rest of the sisterhood armor will be handmade by me and completely one of a kind, just like every woman in this Tribe. Together, it creates a unique vibe, feeling and experience for each of us. Together, we create the rainbow! If you are a naturally controlled person, this armor will challenge you to let go and let it come to you. No two Sisterhood Armor’s will be exactly alike, and isn’t that what each of us is…rad, fierce and badass in our own, colorful ways!

Choose your stone for the NEW Sisterhood Armor & get your May Stack of the Month here!


Whether you have been a part of the Fierce Tribe for years or are just finding us, welcome a woman you know into our Tribe today by sharing below!

Love, Fierce & Sisterhood for Life,

Ashley Johns