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May’s Inspirational Wallpaper for Desktop + iPhone

April showers bring May flowers and man are the flowers blooming!

Each month I create an inspirational wallpaper that I hope will inspire you to continue to reach for your greatness within. Weall need reminders. Daily reminders are like daily habits: even the smallest ones can make the biggest impact in our lives over time!

In the spirit of the season, this month’s vision board wallpaper encourages you to DREAM BIG, take the risk, BE BRAVE and GO FOR IT!

Set your fierce vision board as your desktop wallpaper, your phone’s screensaver or your facebook cover photo. Print it out and scotch tape it to your office wall or if the board really speaks to you, BLOW IT UP AND FRAME IT!

I’m so excited to share it, here you go beautiful…click play.



Scroll down to go right to the download or keep reading for more inspirations & ideas to implement in your upcoming month.

Inspirations to live with intention

It’s so important to live with intention and that means bringing in new habits and efforts to your daily life. Here are the things I’ve been focusing on this past month that have helped me live more intentionally:

☺︎ What I’m reading: the 5am Club by Robin Sharma

☺︎  What I’m learning: being alone is one of the best gifts I can give myself. The more time I spend listening to my higher voice, without distraction and other noises, the more tuned in I get to my self. The more clarity I gain.

☺︎  My favorite new daily habit: I love my daily walks. I grab my mace (always be prepared!), turn on a podcast and just walk. My goal is always 7k steps at least. Sometimes I go 10k but usually around the 7 mark. I feel so full during and after my daily walk. I don’t make any exception. The other day it rained all day and I went. Yesterday I was sick and I went. It’s soup for the soul.

☺︎  What I’m practicing: less time scrolling social media = more time on things that move me forward and add value to my life

☺︎  What I’m writing: each morning I spend 20 minutes journaling my thoughts on google docs (I can get my thoughts out faster when I type than write). It’s like a cleanse to let go of everything on my mind. My worries, cares, hopes, dreams, curiosities…put it all down on paper

☺︎  What I’m drinking: tons of water. A gallon per day. I take this flat bottle with my everywhere, even on my walks so I can get my water in. It’s clearing my skin up, giving me a glow and giving me tons of energy!

Look Forward To This

I’m bringing a new challenge to Fierce Forward THIS MONTH. I’ll be sharing it very soon in the newsletter and across social media!

may’s vision board, isn’t she gorg. artwork created by Ashley Johns


+ Download May’s vision board graphic for your desktop, iphone wallpaper or facebook cover photo here  *right click and save file

+ Download May’s vision board PDF for printing and hanging in your office, bathroom or wherever your heart desires here

+ Get May’s Spotify Playlist here


I hope you love this month’s board as much as I do. Become an advocate for Fierce Forward and share this post on facebook below. Snap a photo of your wallpaper in action, tag me and use #fierceforward so I can repost!

I’d love to hear from you babe, what’s ONE THING you’re going to commit to being more intentional about this month? comment below.


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