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May’s Vision Board

may20153May is here and my motivation is buzzing at an all time high! I’m ready to get outdoors, feel the sunlight, work hard and keep improving myself. Fitness and what you give back to your physical body is one of the three pillars of Fierce Forward including: Mind, Body & Spirit. I have always thought in 3’s and it is true about each of them equally giving to one another as well as playing off each other. If you are out of balance in one area, you will feel it in the others. Although we will never always be perfectly balanced in Life’s game of Eb & Flow, we can be intentional on working on each of the three every day at least once. So today, get to the gym, go on a nature walk with your family, hit the bleachers, take a hot yoga class, visualize a strong body and just show up for giving back to your body today.

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