My 7 Daily Habits

When I first realized I wasn't living the life I really wanted to live, I realized it's what we do daily that adds up to the life we create. I started moving forward to the woman I wanted to be and started defining what that woman does every day. And even what she doesn't do.

This is how I love and care for myself. If I didn't have a code to live by daily, I'd put me on the back burner and we all know where that leads.

Below are the daily habits I've adopted to keep me focused on moving forward in my life and embodying the highest vision of myself every single day! Living with intention is how I roll and it's the only way I roll forward. 

It's taken awhile to find what works best for me. And that's what I suggest when you think about being your fiercest self and that woman that's moving forward and taking names! What does she do everyday? What doesn't she do? Carve your own path that works best for you and stick to it. Consistency and dedication are key in creating what you want in your life!

"It was only through practice and intention that I began learning the art of self love. As I began reaching for the woman I wanted to be, I realized that I deserve to shine. You are here to be powerful, fierce, and uniquely you. Do not fear this power, but run to it and embrace it with open arms." 

~Ashley Johns

1. Drink a gallon of water💦

Drinking a gallon of water was one of the hardest habits to start and stick with. I always say drinking a gallon is a part time job. And it's so true! But it's so effective and important to our overall health. It makes my skin look fresh and healthy, my digestion and #2's work like a charm, my sleep is deep and my energy levels are stable and higher. This last one is so big for me because without amazing energy, I can't create amazing things in my world and that's just the truth of the matter. Grab a gallon water bottle and fill it up everyday with filtered water. Here's my favorite water jug I'm using these days. Put some cool stickers on it and get inspired!

2. Move no matter what & try to sweat most days!

This could be a workout or if I'm feeling more stress in my life, it might be a really good walk. The days I've just sat down and grinded work out without every moving are days I feel like a zombie at the end of it. Lifeless. Movement always makes me feel better. If I have low energy and go to the gym and bust out a killer workout, I feel better. Always. Most days my goal is to break a sweat and do work. Movement is so underrated and is one of the most important keystones to a healthy mind, body & spirit. To a healthy life.

3. Get out in nature🌳🌳🌳

Whether it's a walk and I listen to a podcast or I go outside and lay on my yoga mat and listen to the birds, being outside makes me happy. It reminds me of what's real and true. It grounds me. I try to get outside at least once per day. And not just walking to my car, but an intentional outside visit.

4. Count my food on myfitnesspal

I grew up eating whatever I wanted (I'm fondly recalling cookie dough rolls and mashed potatoes with butter!) and so I never really knew what eating healthy meant. Even though I still love cookie dough and have it occasionally, everything I eat now is intentional. That's how I make progress with my goals and plus, it makes the cookie dough that much sweeter when I have it on occasion vs when I want it. Which would be always. I track my macronutrients on myfitnesspal and know what healthy portion sizes look like. It's always worked this way for me and when I don't count, I go back to old ways and eat what sounds good vs what's best for me. Then there goes feeling awesome in my rocker tee.

5. Read 10 pages of a book everyday📖

I love this one! I love reading. I get to learn about new perspectives and be taken into another world of what's possible for myself. I'm a self growth book nerd and I own it! A 200 page book can seem overwhelming and when I look at it as a whole like this, I never finish it .But when I break it down into day size bites, I finish. And I end up learning and applying in my life. Here's a list of my favorite books.

6. Meditate 10 minutes

I've had anxiety since my mid 20's when I got my first full time job. I'm already someone who puts alot of pressure on myself to do my best so for me, I have to practice reeling that in so I can find the calm in the chaos. Otherwise I'm a hot mess express...look out. I started following a guided meditation everyday for 3 minutes, then moved to 9 minutes and sometimes I do 20 minutes. It just depends on the day and what I need. Some might say you don't have time, and what I say is that you're actually choosing not to make the time. We make time for what's important to us. It's so important to me to flow in my Fierce Forward movement, not always push uphill and be wired on stress. It's not how I want to live so I practice this everyday. I listen to The Honest Guys on YouTube, this is one I do a lot.

7. Mirror talk & 3 gratitudes

Every morning when I brush my teeth for 3 minutes, I think of 3 things I'm grateful for. I really think of those things for 20 seconds or so each. I feel how they make the feel and I give thanks. Gratitude is the fiercest attitude you can ever have and so I try to foster that through practice. And starting your day off that way, sets the tone of your whole day. After I finish brushing, I look at myself in the mirror and tell myself, "You are you Ash and it's perfect. Be you. I love you. Peace out girl!"  Legit, this is my convo to myself everyday. Does it work? Ya damn straight! Who else is going to tell you that everyday. 

8. Bonus: Do my best

This may not sound like it's a habit but it really is! It's more like an intention of how I'm going to show up everyday and in everything I do. I've learned to believe in hard work as the process of self growth, forging self confidence and transformation. I spent alot of the first part of my life just kind of half ass-edly showing up. I've always cared I Just didn't focus it in one right direction. Now, I use that to care about doing my best in everything I do. And it's made all the difference in my life. 

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