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My Nightly Skincare Routine

I‘ve never really taken great care of my skin. I’ve tried here and there but I never really got into a routine. And recently I got a wakeup call that taking great care of myself means taking the time every single day to do the things that nourish me. For me, it started with getting back to the gym and starting a nightly skincare routine. 

And since starting this new evening self love ritual, I feel more empowered and my skin looks so much more dewy and healthy.

So let’s get this party started…grab a cup of coffee, a pad of paper, a comfy blanket and get cozy because I know alot of women will want to learn more about this. I’m sharing my nightly skincare routine all the way through so that by the end, you’re ready to start your own asap!


I tell myself this everyday. There’s something about adding the ‘great’ part that reminds me to step up my game and put my all into myself. I want to start by talking about aging because we’re all doing it. I’m 36 now and for the past two years I have noticed myself “aging.” For most of my twenties and early thirties, I looked in the mirror and at pictures and always saw the same face. Up until 35ish. I started to notice more smile lines suddenly appear, sun marks on my neck and the luster of my skin start to diminish slightly. To put it bluntly, I look different than I remember myself  looking all these past years. And to be honest, these minor little changes made a huge difference in how I felt about myself because suddenly my face looked slightly different.

It’s a difficult adjustment to find your grace in the aging. Where I’m at with it is I want to be super proactive about the health of my skin and that for me started with sleep, hydration, stress management and my morning and nightly skincare regime.

skin brush

I realized through this process and some changes in my skin that I hadn’t really put much effort into taking care of my skin (up until this point). In my 20’s I slapped oil on and laid in the sun until I turned a toasty brown. In college I’d go to bed half drunk with my makeup still on. In my late 20’s I’d go to the gym, get sweaty faced and go the rest of the day without ever having cleaned it off. It’s almost like because I could get away with it, I didn’t really make an effort. For me, I want to age gracefully. I want to know that I took care of myself as best I could.

skincare routine products

That’s where my nightly skincare routine comes in. I started doing this over the past couple of months and it honestly has made a huge difference in both how I feel and how my skin looks and feels. No more just slapping any moisturizer on and going to bed.

It’s about a ritual, a routine, a practice in self care and love.

NOTE: All products with exception of nighttime cream is from Target and I’m linking everything below so you can easily order online. Please remember everyone’s skin is very different. My skin type is sensitive and dry. You can always use other products that work best for you, these are all the ones I use and love. I also recommend looking at the reviews on each product linked, most all of these have great reviews and share why.

My Nightly Skincare Routine

step one makeup wipes

Taking care of your skin before bed is a must. It’s during our sleep that everything in our body regenerates (face/skin included), hence the term beauty sleep. While you sleep, your skin cells go into makeover mode. Around midnight is when your skin cells turnover in what’s called cell mitosis. It’s during this time your cells need the most nutrients and when their anti-aging benefits have maximum impact. So let’s start with step 1.


Removing your makeup and any dirt from your face pre-cleanser is key. I used to just cleanse and it wouldn’t get everything off, so this first step is an important one because the whole point is to remove the dirt before you go to bed. These Makeup Melt Bliss Wipes are oil free, work great on sensitive skin and even take off waterproof mascara.  ///  Wipe your face, gently wipe your eyes and then your neck and behind your ears. Alot of dirt can build up behind your ears and on your neck and this region should be a part of your skincare routine too.

ash with makeup onPhoto of me wearing makeup, before my nightly skincare routine


After wiping your makeup off step 2 is to cleanse. I love love love this Bliss Fab Foaming Cleanser. It has bamboo buffers that gently exfoliate your skin as you rub it on. It leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and it even has a fresh smell that I love. Since my skin is sensitive, it’s important to note this didn’t have any negative effects on my skin since some cleansers can do that. ///  Before cleansing, have your face brush ready by running it under warm water and putting to the side. Cleanse by gently rubbing the foamer onto your face and neck (don’t forget the neck!) with your four fingers, rubbing in a circular motion for thirty seconds. Grab your face brush and brush in a circular, clockwise motion around your face and neck. Rinse off completely. Pat to dry. *always pat your face vs wipe



This was a step I didn’t start with. And it’s a super important one, I demonstrated that above in the results photo to the above right. Even though you go through steps 1 & 2 and it can feel like your skin is clean, the Thayers Witch Hazel Toner is magic and it’s not to be missed or fluffed over. Take a cotton round with a semi-generous amount of toner on it and begin wiping your face, finishing with your neck and finally behind your ears. Watch the magic happen.  ///  I’m linking the Thayers Rose Petal because I prefer it to the Cucumber after trying both.

rose caviar


I love this stuff. Yes, it comes in a pretty pink container and looks cool but even more importantly, it’s an important step in the process and has been one of my favorites because of how it makes my skin feel. So you’re a few steps deep into your routine, your face is feeling good, refreshed and probably as smooth as a baby’s butt. Your skin is primed. Primed for the main event. What you’re doing next is all about moisture.  ///  Take two small dollops of this Pixi Rose Caviar Essence in your fingers and rub gently in a circular motion on your face and neck. Let sit for two minutes or until dry. 


This Pixi Overnight Glow Serum is one of my favorite steps because it leaves my skin feeling like it’s butter. You literally don’t need much, just spread it over your face and neck, wait for 2 minutes until it completely seeps in then apply your moisturizer and eye cream. The eyecream and moisturizer I use is from a friend’s company, Dahliana. You can get her Eye Renewal Cream and Cell Renewal MoisturizerAnother option from Target is Honest Beauty Deep Hydration Face Cream.


I had to add a step 7 because I think everything’s better in 3’s or 7’s so here it is. Step 7: feel the difference and be proud of yourself. Walk out of your bathroom like the bad bish you are. You take care of yourself. You take time for yourself each night. You do it by you and for you. Take great care of yourself always. As one of my dads, Matt, always says, “You deserve it.”

Get all your nightly skincare below (total for all to start your skincare routine: $127). Comment below if this was helpful, I’d love to hear. Excited to hear the results you start seeing from starting your new routine!




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  1. Avatar

    Kris, I work from home too and got into that habit. Starting this new one was hard at first but the first time I did it, I felt better right away. I actually like taking the time each night now. I light a candle and look forward to it:) so glad you enjoyed, cheers to taking time for ourselves. xo

  2. Avatar

    Good reminders! At 40, I started noticing all kinds of changes – body aches, vision changes, and all of sudden (it seemed) my skin wasn’t as tight or smooth. Working from home, I don’t wear make-up most days, and I’ve gotten into the bad habit of looking at the bathroom counter at night and saying ‘eh, I don’t have any make-up to take off’ and then going to bed. This was a great reminder that the nightly routine is about so much more than just taking off make-up. Thanks for the post!

  3. Avatar

    Cindy, I’m so glad this was helpful! Yes, a routine for ourselves is so important, you go girl.

  4. Avatar

    This article came at rhe perfect time as I want to get in the habit of a nighttime skincare routine and practice self care!! Thank you!