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Never Give Up

Notes from the heart


Never give up.

Resilience, persistence…heart. I think of Alabama in the movie True Romance. She’s getting beat to a pulp by a man double her size and she looks up, laughs and keeps fighting. The guy says, “You’ve got alot of heart kid.” She’s a character who has always inspired me. When the going gets tough, when the days get dark, when we go through hardships…these are the times that can break us but when you never give up, they are the times that make us.

I look back on some pretty dark couple of years that hit me across the board from personal to business to spirit-shaking to heart-cracking. And at the end of it, while my heart cracked, it never broke. While my heart cracked, it slowly cracked wide open. I never gave up. And now I see this resistance as our greatest teacher in life. When everything is going great, it’s a beautiful moment and when things aren’t going great, it can be our greatest teacher. It is our greatest teacher.

Through times of challenge and hardship, when you decide not to surrender and let it break you, that is strength. You can move forward at any moment in your life by looking inside the challenge for the lesson, by asking yourself how you can move through this with grace and then moving forward with the stream of life. Never give up. Great things take time. Building yourself takes time, belief and alot of heart! There is always a lesson and when we can stay in this beginner mindset, we can always be learning, growing and finding our strength within. The fierce force that is meant to find its way from the inside out into the world. Shine your light by smiling at your current resistance and looking at it as your current teacher. What a gift.

What challenge are you facing and how can you be a beginner and learn from it, comment below.


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    One word. Inspired. Great words can hit the mind and hearts. It did the same to me. You touched my heart and soul. Great writing. Yes, hardship is the most important and vital teacher. It teaches us in every aspects of our life. I’m fighting with my overweight and at present situation is just killing me! Tried everything like, 24 days diet plan, 2 week diet plan. And most probably the dark days are shrinking. Gone through a lot of hardship. Exercising, doing diet and everything that I could do to get a slim, fit body.
    By the way, great inspirational speech and I’m really motivated a lot.