New Ground 
TAKE ROOT & stand strong in 2018

what will you do in 2018? 


Imagine a life where you stand strong in who you are, what you want and where you're going. You put a stake in the ground for you and you honor it every single day! No more putting yourself on the backburner, no more wasting time, no more standing in your own way! No more hiding, no more holding back, no more playing small

You take one step forward in the direction of your heart. You get stronger physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. You have more to give your family, your work, your passions, your goals and the world! You no longer feel like you're drifting away from the woman you are because now, you're moving towards her!


Lost. Disconnected from who you really are. Like you have all these things you want to do in your life but you're not doing them. That you're underwater and can't come up for air. That you're just going through the motions. That you give yourself to everything and everyone but you. You know something's missing and you probably even know what that thing is but you don't know how to move forward towards it. You might even hold yourself back from having that thing. Ultimately, if you get really real with yourself there's something more you want out of life and out of yourself and you're not doing something about it. 


Connected to yourself deeply. Strong. Confident. Balanced. Proud of yourself. Happy. Healthy. Positive. That you're growing and thriving in your life and within yourself!


If the above rang true for you in any way, I want to first tell you that I know exactly how you feel. I know so many people struggle with taking care of their needs, with being their number one and with focusing on creating their best life for themselves. I've been there, I've struggled through the challenge of getting lost, of letting myself go, of putting myself last in line and of watching the girl I know within slip so far away. Three times in my life, I let myself slip into this feeling of disconnection and I finally had enough. I saw that this became a pattern with myself and the one thing that was always the same was the fact that I knew something was missing. I knew I needed to make a change and this time, I was going to do it.

After I finally made my big change in habits, in how I was showing up for myself each day, it all clicked. I was missing my ground. I was like a tree whose roots had pulled up out of the ground. I wasn't stable, I wasn't swaying with the wind or even growing through the seasons. With any kind of weather, I would break and was unable to stand firm in my place because my roots didn't run deep.

That's where this 4 week journey comes in. I wanted to create something that would provide you with everything you need to move forward this year. This is your roadmap that will take you from unrooted to deeply rooted! You will be better for your family, your relationships, your job and most importantly, for you.

" In 2018 i will feel confident, empowered, energetic, strong, healthy, happy, inspired & proud of myself! "

Press play to hear the story of how I found my new ground and what my mission is for this 4 weeks with you!

This is a return to yourself every day. This is a daily work of being your number 1. You're going to get stronger. You're going to feel empowered. You're going to feel connected to yourself and you're going to gain the tools you need that will keep you deeply rooted!

Lastly, I want to tell you that I'm only taking 40 women for this project. The reason for this is that I want it to be an intimate journey between us. I truly want you to thrive in these four weeks and have all the support you need. If your heart is thumping and you feel this is what you've been needing, let's do this together! Signup now and kickstart your 2018.

Hi, I'm Ashley, Founder of Fierce Forward! I created this movement to inspire others to take the action within their hearts, to know that they are limitless and to never, ever give up. Inspired by my personal journey, I want to always create ever-evolving offerings that have the power to spark something within you. Something that wakes you up to this one life you have to live so that you might live it more fully, wholly and fiercely for you. 

I am a certified Goal Coach and Yoga Instructor and hold a certification with Steven Covey's coaching program, the 7 Habits of Healthy People. My passion in life is to grow, learn from and use my challenges to find my inner strength and to never, ever give up on the vision I hold for myself. My passion in what I give to the world is exactly the same. 


When I first found Ashley and Fierce Forward, I was missing something in my life. I was struggling with how to move forward. It was during Ashley's course that I found my power within. I declared that I would be a writer, because that's what I wanted more than anything. That day, I wrote a poem and I just kept writing every day after that. Just two years later, I published my first book, You're Brave Enough!

Amanda Brown

writer, author & mother



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    You're tired of standing in your own way
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    You're a woman who gives to the world and forgets to fill her own cup
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    You're ready to take back control of your self and your life!
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    You're sick and tired of wasting time and feeling this way
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    You want to feel in control of your life and proud of yourself
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    You're ready to put a stake in the ground for you


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    You wish things could be different but you aren't ready to make a change
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    You aren't willing to take a real look at how you're living your life


Everything you need to move forward, to grow deep roots and put yourself first in 2018!

A digital workbook to guide you throughout the 4 weeks that includes a guide to creating your own daily ritual!

A 12 week fitness plan to follow (all levels available)

Weekly LIVE Coaching calls to clarify each week's lessons and to offer support

Weekly Action Sheet to set your weekly goals and stay accountable to yourself

Exclusive Facebook Group to connect with you the other 40 women on this journey

A special Project Box that will support you in this 4 weeks, see below! A $77 value!



When I came to Ashley for coaching, I had so many limiting beliefs around myself and my capabilities, along with fear of the future. Would it all work out? Can I really do the things I want to do? Each talk with her was dedicated to helping me figure out my life's path. Four weeks later, I am now able to do my heartwork! I left my job that was sucking my life force, I'm aligning myself with a career that makes me happy and I even started a facebook group to help women conquer their limiting beliefs through yoga and meditation. I'm in such a better place and I can't thank you enough, Ashley!

Misty Bisby



1. Do I have to be on Facebook to take part in this course?

Not at all! The facebook group is there for support, connection and encouragement. Each weekly course topic will be emailed to you and the live coaching videos done within the facebook group will also be included via email to watch there.

2. Is this a course mainly focused on fitness?

This 4 week journey focuses on your mind, body and emotional self care. You will receive a fitness plan I created (beginner, intermediate and advanced options all available) that you will be encouraged to follow throughout the 4 weeks and even beyond. How we nourish our bodies is such a integral part of our overall wellbeing and it's one of the biggest facets of self care us women put on the backburner. My purpose is to encourage you to focus on each week's curriculum with an overarching mission to integrate all new habits throughout the entire 4 weeks! Fitness is a big part of your overall goal in this transformational course.

3. Will you offer nutrition advice?

I will be providing general information on a healthy approach to diet.

4. Will I notice changes at the end of this four weeks?

You will get out of this as much as you put in it. \Show up every single day over these 30 days with an attitude to learn, make changes within yourself and to keep moving forward. My mission is that you leave these 30 days with a new attitude on your life!

5. When I signup, what can I expect next?

You will get a welcome email mid December with all the information you will need before beginning on January 8th!


The photo on the left was taken on Thanksgiving in 2016. I felt so disconnected from myself, my work, people in my life and overall, I felt lost. I wasn't sure how I could have let myself go again and how I would find my way back this time. It's not the first time I had gained weight like this. But what I began to see as I got more real and honest with where I was, is that everytime I felt lost in my life, the catalyst and reason I got lost was always slightly different but what always remained the same was how I felt when I got lost.

The catalyst the first time was not knowing what I wanted in my life. My full story is here. The second time was because I made unhealthy choices, inserting hard core dieting into my life and my body rebounded and I completely lost what I thought was my new identity. With that, I let go and put all my energy into my business and my passion at Fierce Forward. This last time (pictured), I had alot of things happen to me in my business and personal life, mostly in relationships with others, that destroyed me put very honestly. I lived an entire year in pain, closing my heart off. I didn't realize how bad it was until I saw this photo of me. I decided that I couldn't let the world, outside influences or anything else determine how I felt in life. I had to find it within myself. I knew that I didn't feel good in my body and I wasn't treating it with love and that was a direct effect of not feeling good in myself.

I started by going back to basics of what I learned the first time I started making fierce changes in my life, with one small step. I got back in the gym. I started watching motivational videos again and started journaling my feelings. I created a ritual practice for myself and took other actions over time and it all started working. And today, I stand here one year later, deeply rooted in who I am. The bonus is that I lost 22 pounds. The most important thing to me is that I put a stake in the ground for me, I work on myself every single day and I will never, ever give up on me again. That's why I created NEW GROUND. For you. I want you to feel this way too. Let's take this journey together, I'm so ready to watch you transform girlfriend. 

Your coach, Ashley



Only negative thoughts hold us back and keep us from living to our highest potential. Learning to control those thoughts and substitute them for positive ones will be an integral part of your transformation. This week we will focus on setting goals for your 2018, on creating healthy habits that keep you grounded and in checking in daily with yourself.


The body is such an important part of how we feel about our selves which is in direct correlation to how we feel about our lives. It's powerful. It is typically the most common facet that is neglected in our lives. As women, it is what houses our emotions and it's up to you to nourish it through movement, rest and balance. This week will be centered around building your commitment to yourself in mind and body and how that strengthens the spirit and emotional bodies. You will feel a deeper connection to the importance of your fitness and health goals at the end of the week. 


Most often people characterize our main bodies of life as centered in the mind, body and spirit and what's missing from this is the fourth element known as "emotion." Our emotions can rule us. In this second to last week, you will take a honest look at the emotional map of your life and learn how to both let go of emotional stories that no longer serve you and create new ones that will help you evolve into your best self!


In this final week, you will look back at your progress over the course of your journey and see how you showed up for you, taking stock of all the things that worked and making tweeks where needed. You will set one goal for yourself to achieve in 2018 and create action steps to getting there! 

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