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Office Supplies Every Girl Needs!

Office supplies every girl needs.

Office supplies light me up. Whether it’s a new journal, gold star stickers or flowers on my desk, creating an atmosphere around your work area is key for your work space! You can do amazing work when you’re inspired. These are some of my favorite office supplies that I think every girls needs. Gold star stickers for your I Get To List after each day of accomplishment, a gold stapler to keep it all together, a pink notepad for your I Get To List and even rainbow cards to send snail mail to girls in your life, it might not be complete with some work boards from the likes of Writey though.

Here are the office supplies you need now:

  1. Inspirational Quote Cards from Target. $9.99 I pull a card every day for myself as well as for each of my goal coaching calls
  2. Gold Limited Edition Stapler $15.99 from Target. (also comes in hot pink and red at most Targets)
  3. Colored Notepads by Quill, set of 6 $17
  4. Gold Star Stickers from Etsy $10.50
  5. Tapestry Stitched Notebook, set of 3 $15
  6. Rainbow Smile Cards from Rifle Paper, set of 8 $4.50
  7. Milk Glass Push Pins from Target $3.99. I have a big cork board I put all my ideas on with push pins




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