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How to Overcome Your Fear In One Easy Shift


Fear is worry, question, concern, lack of belief and anxiety of what will happen in the future. I often see it as placing a huge question mark on my life. I sleep less, I am less able to combat negative feelings and I feel anxiety in my body through my chest and breathing. We all feel it on different levels, at different times in our lives and if you can understand that it’s not what happens in your life but how you respond to it, you will be able to combat this fear and change it into something that is usable for you.

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have.” Unknown

I love this idea on Fear:

We can respond to fear in two ways by these acronyms: Forget Everything And Run OR Face Everything And Rise

How to Overcome Your Fear In One Easy Shift

  1. When you have fear, shift that to faith.

Both of the above concepts are a complete shift in perspective from fear to faith. They strip question, concern and worry and create a choice-based response to fear, by consciously and mindfully shifting it to belief, action and faith. I got up from my desk and created a new, reinvented Faith Armor piece that I will wear every day, to remind me of this. Sometimes, we don’t see the forest through the trees and all it takes is an open mind, a willingness to try and one new perspective to create that shift within ourselves. To overcome your fear right now, decide that you will shift your fear to faith. Instead of being worried about what is currently happening or the outcome of something, choose to shift that to having faith in the best possible outcome and that all, really is fierce and beautiful in your life. It is up to you to stay with this choice, as you will easily react to the next thing and that fear will creep in again, but look down at your wrist and remember that you choose Faith. When you have fear, you are disconnected to your best self. When you have faith, you are grounded, clear, connected to truth and to your best self.

Faith Armor: True faith is the unwavering belief that brings you back to your core. Arm yourself with the new Faith armor! Made using African Trade Beads and sandlewood beads that you can put essential oils on.

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    What a beautiful way to shift! Perfect.