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​Fierce Forward was born from fear. The fear of leaving the comfortable to get uncomfortable. I hit rock bottom in my life and instead of living a life of regret, I wanted to choose to live a life of possibility! I wanted more out of life.

I realized I had been living like a zombie, walking through life with no clear direction or purpose. I woke up that day and knew within myself that I wanted to take back my life and that it must start with me. I grew to know that fear is our arrow forward, pointing us in the direction to living our most authentic life and if we choose to put a fierce face on and take one step forward, everything can change.

Through my Mindset Coaching and Empowerment Projects, I help people create and cultivate a mindset to live a life without limits​! 

The Armor

The day I decided to Fierce Forward in my life, I slipped on a bracelet that was on the table. I told myself it would represent the commitment I made to myself to start living and would be my daily reminder. I wore it and lived it.

Wherever you are on your journey, build your armor to embody the intentions you have for your life! Wear them daily and embody them!

Handmade using gemstones, prayer, seed and African Trade beads, I intentionally chose African Trade beads to support women and their families in Africa. Each gemstone symbolizes the intention of the bracelet.






The Empowerment Project will take you on a 8 week journey of self discovery and transformation to becoming your fiercest self. Through journaling and power moves, you will be guided to create shift in your life that will take you to the next level of your being. While connecting with other women in a private facebook group, you will be guided bi-weekly through Ashley's Goal Coaching.

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Have you been living your life without limits? 

I help people create and cultivate a mindset to live a life without limits. Join the group to get an extra daily dose of tools to Fierce Forward as well as connecting with other like-minded women, focused on living their best lives!

This is where you will find everything you need to fierce forward in your life including: motivation, connection, empowerment, support, inspiration and more!