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Fierce Forward Book Club

I recently set a goal for myself to read a book a month this year, beginning in February! I get so laser focused on work and doing that sometimes I forget about what I need for me. This past year has been a season of awakening in my life. It stopped becoming so much about […]

Heart Talk: Believe in Yourself

What you believe, you live. Your belief system has the power to keep you bound, shackled to your fears or catapult you into the limitless possibility of anything you can dream! For years, I believed that I wasn’t good at speaking and that what I had to say didn’t matter. My voice, on stage, in […]

Checkin With Ash: 4 Weeks In

6 pound scale difference   Hey guys! I wanted to take a minute to checkin and share with you what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and my progress. One month ago, I took my “before” photos for’s annual 250k Transformation Challenge. I knew it was something I was ready to do for myself. […]

Never Give Up

Notes from the heart   Never give up. Resilience, persistence…heart. I think of AlabamaΒ in the movie True Romance. She’s getting beat to a pulp by a man double her sizeΒ and she looks up, laughs and keeps fighting. The guy says, “You’ve got alot of heart kid.” She’s a character who has always inspired me. When […]

January’s Vision Board + A New VLOG!

  Vision boards are the best way to keep yourself motivated and focused on where you’re going. Watch as I share in the video below what inspired this vision board (think freedom and wildflowers!). I’m also sharing a new big change I’ve made and why I cut all my hair off. Press play on the […]