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Positivity Challenge: 7 Days Left

We have just seven days left in our 30 day Positivity Challenge and with this last seven days I want you to really set your intention on simply trying. The fact that you showed up for this Challenge, that you showed up for YOU…that is enough to put a smile across your face because you tried. It’s so much easier to sit back and let life pull you along and react at every turn, every bad thing that happens to us, every annoyance, every comment and so forth but the harder thing to do, the FIERCER thing, is to try to react differently. Whatever you did in this past 23 days, be proud of yourself for simply trying. Take the weight of your expectations off of your shoulders and simply BE content with the fact that you tried. THAT is Fierce.



Draw or take a photo of what positivity looks like to you!

Maybe it is someone else that makes you smile or maybe it’s sunshine and little fierce pixies; it does not matter what it is, just find one thing that truly represents positivity to you then share it on social media, tag @fierceforward and hashtag #positivitychallenge #whatpositivitylooksliketome

See example below

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 11.36.57 AMHave so much fun with this and take your time in your drawing or finding your photo. Really THINK about what positivity means to you and feel free to share what this challenge has meant to you.

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