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Positivity Challenge: Creating a Fiercely Positive Jar!

Visuals are fierce reminders of where you have your heart set, where your heart came from and where your heart is right in this moment. This week, your assignment of Fierceness is to create a Fiercely Positive Jar! You hear that right, this is going to be so much fun and I want you to use your powers of Creation to put your love into it by having FUN behind you when you do this little project. It should not seem daunting and if it is, take a deep breath and turn it around into how much FUN it could be to sit down and put yourself into the design of a jar that will hold all your positive thoughts, happenings, turnarounds and so forth (a turnaround is when you have a negative thought and turn it around to a positive one…so fierce!).


I debated on creating a jar myself and putting that into this post as an example but then I thought how important it is for me to have you begin with no other means of comparison as to what your jar should look like. In fact, it should look like whatever you want it to! This is going to be so much fun and when you finish your jar, or even mid jar creation, post in We Are Fierce Forward and share your photo of the jar in creation or completed and share what you love about your jar! Lets have so much fun with this!! Check out the great ideas on how to decorate mason jars below and my favorite spot to find mason jars is Hobby Lobby or any craft store. They come in all different sizes.. you choose and remember, have fun!

The Fiercely Positive Jar

A space to put your positive thoughts, something you’re grateful for, a turnaround you are proud of or anything you want to remember when you pull them out and read them when you need them through this Challenge. The goal is one positive thought, experience, happening per day! So when you have a positive experience that you turned around from a negative one, write that down and how it made you feel or how you feel about yourself after turning it around and being in control and choosing positivity! Then fold it and put it in the jar. Or at the end of each day, with your jar by your bed side, write down one thing you are grateful for in your life or that happened today. Any time you need positivity in your day, pull out randomly one of your pieces of paper from your Fiercely Positive Jar and read it. Then see how in control you really are, feel how grateful you can be and stay positive and focused on your forward path of fierceness!

This hand painted jar seen above!

Mason Jars with fabric

Coloring Mason Jars

Heart Mason Jars

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    So excited to make one!

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    Kelly same here! I always forget to make and create! Excited to do this

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    LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I always forget to PLAY and CREATE even though they are lessons I learned in #shotftj projects. Thanks Ashley for this tangible and FIERCE reminder. Can’t wait!!! #fiercecreation