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Project Manifest is Here


where you feel EMPOWERED, aligned and so CONNECTED to yourself that nothing can pull you away from that feeling because you own it. You know who you are because you created her! You know where you're going and you have a laser focus to get there. You no longer question yourself or your abilities. You use your abilities to create what you want! You no longer look outside yourself for your worth. You know your worth because you love yourself. You no longer accept negativity or thoughts that bring you down. You propel yourself forward with an unwavering state of mind. You've cut ties with all of the things that once blocked you and you've opened up a new space to create the life you want. You have a new foundation from which you live your life. You live from love instead of fear. You healed your childhood wounds, released the pain and now you're ready for what you've been born to do. You're a butterfly that's been stuck in the chrysalis and now, you've broken out and you're flying free. Look out world, she's on the move and nothing can stop her now!

But this is how you feel:

unsure and uncertain of the path you're on. You feel unhappy, stressed and out of sync with where you really want to be. It's painful, scary, hard and overwhelming. You're caught in a loop and you don't know how to get out. You're so tired of living this way. Tired of bringing yourself the things you don't really want. Tired of letting others determine what you do and how you feel. Tired of living in your past and fearing your future but you just don't know how to get what you want.


Babe, it's time to fly. It's time to heal once and for all and break free of the chrysalis that's been keeping you bound for way too long.  Only in the releasing of what is holding you back can you be truly free to create your future.

In this 4 week course, you're going to learn the tools to let go of old limiting beliefs and thought patterns. You're going to create new ones that propel you forward to what you really want to feel in your life. Want to manifest more money, you got it! Want to manifest unshakeable confidence, empowerment and love for yourself, let's do this! Whatever it is you want in your life, you're going to get in touch with how you've been feeling and learn how to manifest what you seriously want to feel. 

If there's something you're not doing yet in your life you have to fulfill that desire within you. No one else can do it for you and it definitely isn't going to fall in your lap. It's up to you. You're the one. That's why I create these projects every year because we need to take the time for ourselves to heal, to understand and know ourselves on a deep level so that we can choose to walk away from fear and in turn create ourselves and our lives from a place of love. This course is for you because we all need to release the old so we can create something new. The best part is you are not alone, we are all doing it together!

Let's do this!

"When I first found Ashley and Fierce Forward, I was missing something in my life. I was struggling with how to move forward. It was during Ashley's course that I found my power within. I declared that I would be a writer, because that's what I wanted more than anything. That day, I wrote a poem and I just kept writing every day after that. Just two years later, I published my first book,You're Brave Enough!"

~Amanda Brown

What's included

Project dates: March 18 - April 14th / 4 weeks
+  4 weeks Mindset Coaching with Ashley Johns
+ a one-of-a-kind, Project Manifest *personalized MANTRA bracelet
+ your very own team for support and connection
+  private facebook group to post, share & connect with other women taking the course
+  weekly topics & tools to guide you throughout the 4 weeks


"When I got married and became a mother, I lost my true self and didn't realize it. I was depressed, stressed and so caught up in being the perfect wife and mom I forgot who I was. When I took the Journal Project, my eyes were opened. Through the work, I discovered the old me, the person I felt comfortable with all those years ago, the Laura I know and love! Not wife, not mom, but me. And I'm a better person when I'm me. And on top of all of this, I found a community of women that helped me realize I'm not alone in this great journey."

~Laura Kilcrease

"Taking these projects every year have helped me bust out of my shell and live the life I truly want. The guidance, wisdom and encouragement I received helped me break free once and for all!"

~Becky Brownfield

Project Manifest exclusive Mantra Bracelet

This year you can create your very own one of of a kind intention bracelet! Every bracelet is handmade using quartz and aventurine gemstone, the stone of manifestation. The word you choose will be your mantra you focus on daily throughout the four weeks and beyond! After the project ends, keep it with you to remind you of what you're working to manifest in your life! The word you choose for your mantra bracelet will be how you want to feel in your life. Your mantra will be hand-stamped on a pewter charm. 

Below  is a list of mantra suggestions. You're not limited to this list, you can choose any mantra word that feels right for you. For your mantra I recommend one word to focus on but you can choose anything as long as it's 9 characters total or less (due to charm size).

Choose your mantra word when you signup for the project below.



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Hi beautiful! I'm Ashley, I've spent the past decade helping myself and other women kick down the walls of their limitations and move fiercely forward to what they want! I'm a certified mindset coach, the founder of lifestyle brand Fierce Forward & creator of the Fierce Forward Jewelry. My passion is helping women overcome and use their greatest obstacles in life to propel them forward, towards love, freedom and joy. I've led thousands of women through empowerment projects to self-growth and positive change through the step by step roadmaps I create. Always inspired by the ones I've worked through in my own life. I encourage, empower and provide you the tools necessary to move forward in your life. Change your mindset, change your life. It starts with you. I can't wait to watch your journey unfold in this next four weeks! If you have any specific questions or need any clarification around anything, please email me at ashley@fierceforwardforlife.com. I'm here to help.

xo, Ashley

Not only will you learn how to manifest what you want in your life, but you're also going to meet your tribe too! As much as this is a journey of the self, it's very much a journey one takes together. Together, we rise stronger. When you click signup, not only will you be gaining a whole new perspective of how to live your life over the next four weeks and beyond, you're saying yes to a group of women that are meant for you.


Week 1: The excavation

This week you'll be guided to dig deep to explore and learn about yourself up to this point in your life. How did you grow up? How did that shape you? What wounds remain. By going in, digging up and stepping back from yourself to look at what you find, this is where you'll unlock mysteries you may have pushed so far deep down that you forgot were there. These mysteries are the hidden treasure chest that will give you your answers as to why you are the way you are. To know yourself is the work in this week. And to know yourself, you need to know where you came from. This is the key to moving forward in your life!

Week 2: Feel it to heal it

You have to feel it to heal it. And until you heal old wounds, you can't possibly build a steadfast foundation from which to live and love by. You'll begin by learning what your main blocks are. That voice on your shoulder that says you aren't good enough. That voice that says you can't possibly deserve to have that life because you aren't worthy. We'll explore how these blocks make you feel and how they've kept you from living your truth. These are the wounds from your past experience that week 1 illuminated. This is the heart work that needed to be done. And this is the work that's going to free you.

Week 3: How do you want to feel?

You'll learn how you really want to feel in your life. By exploring how you've been feeling and how you don't want to feel, you'll have a deeper understanding of how you do want to feel. This week you'll be prompted to take a journey by yourself for a day to explore what you've currently manifested in your life and what you really want to begin manifesting from this point forward.

Being in tune with yourself and your feelings is something we all should master. Your feelings are your superpower and your arrow that points you true north. Knowing how you want to feel and tuning into that energetic vibration, this is the first step forward to manifesting. 

Week 4: She manifests

This week you'll learn how to call into being, everything you want to manifest in your life. You'll learn how powerful energy, intention and belief truly is. And you're going to learn how to harness all of it to create the life of your dreams. Through my Manifest Roadmap, you'll put into action your own personalized roadmap that you'll use now and moving forward. You'll create a vision for your future and start taking steps into that vision in this final week. You'll be given steps to continue manifesting on your own after the project ends and beyond. You'll leave this journey feeling renewed, refreshed and ready to create from a new foundation! 

How do I sign up? You can signup here or click any of the signup buttons on this page. You'll be taken to a page where you'll customize your Intention Bracelet with the word that most represents how you want to feel in your life (ie: free, proud, love, aligned, etc). You'll checkout and receive your first welcome email on March 12th. All bracelets will be sent out by March 12th so you have them by our start date of March 18th.

What happens after I sign up? On March 12th you'll receive a Welcome Email at 9am EST with everything you'll need to be ready to begin the course on Monday, March 18th including: your groups, the link to join the facebook group and how to choose the perfect journal for this course. Please check your junk mail. If you do not receive an email from me on 3/12 and have checked your junk mail, please send an email to customercare@fierceforwardforlife.com 

What is the Intention Bracelet? The intention bracelet is a daily tool you'll use throughout the four weeks and beyond. It's a symbolic, powerful mantra you'll look at as you move through the work. In collaboration with me, you'll choose and create your very own one of a kind mantra bracelet. This is a first at Fierce Forward and I'm so excited to bring this customization to each woman so you can choose what you most want to feel in your life. When you click signup, you'll be taken to the page where you are purchasing the e-course Project Manifest along with your intention bracelet.

How will I get the topics?  Monday of every week you will receive your topic in your inbox at 9am EST.

Can I still travel my journal like before? Since this project is a 4 week intensive course, I'm not offering the traveling portion as part of the project however you are more than welcome to travel within your group. 

Do I have to have facebook to take part in this project? No, the facebook group offers a way to connect with your teammates and others throughout the course. 

Can anyone take part in this project? This is a women's only e-course open to women worldwide.

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