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Spicy Watermelon Soda


Imagine this…You finish your Fierce workout and on the way home, begin thinking about how good it would be to kick up your feet and enjoy a refreshing, Watermelon Soda (you have earned it, after all). You walk in the door, toss your kicks in the closet and change into your Wonder Women shorts and tank. You already begin to feel like you’re winding down as you begin cutting the watermelon, smelling its sweet aroma. You take notice of this time not just being time for preparing a well-deserved soda for yourself but a time for meditation and calm while connecting with the fruit you are about to enjoy. You finish the preparation and sit down outside on your rocking chair, surrounded by nature. You take a deep breath, take your first sip and savor all the abundance around you.

Now, let’s make this vision a reality!


I met Ashley Berry at a Retreat we both attended in Sayulita, Mexico last year (with the Rock Your Bliss girls!). Ashley and I connected over breakfast one morning and the next, after I got struck with the unfortunate luck of almost-Heat Stroke, Ash and my roomie became fast friends by watching over me the next two days. It has been awesome to see Ashley Fierce Forward to her passion of being a Wellness Coach. One day on IG, her Watermelon Limeade Recipe stopped me in my tracks and I immediately asked her if she would make something for the FF Blog and of course, we had to put a fierce twist on it, aka, the Spicy. Follow her, she’s awesome and her posts are light, breezy & inspirational (links below) I’ll let Ash take the reigns now:

Hi! I’m Ashley Berry and I’m a Wellness Writer and Holistic Health Coach who gets totally lit up by creating beautiful rituals and practices that are nourishing for the mind, body, and spirit! One of my favorite ways to show myself some love is to get playful in the kitchen and experiment with seasonal produce, healing ingredients, and a variety of flavor profiles and culinary techniques. I created this Spicy Watermelon Limeade as a delicious way to stay hydrated during long summer days, while also enjoying the detoxifying benefits of fresh lime juice and the powerful healing properties of cayenne pepper, which include everything from boosting metabolism and circulation to combating cold and flu symptoms! It’s also a totally gorgeous and unique drink to serve at gatherings for anyone who might be steering clear of alcohol, but would still like something fierce to sip on! Or, as Ashley said, to reward yourself after a really hot sweat sesh!

Spicy Watermelon Soda
Recipe Type: Drink
Author: Ashley Berry in Collaboration with Fierce Forward
  • Watermelon, cut into chunks (enough to make about 8 ounces of puree or juice per serving – a medium watermelon will usually yield about 8 servings or 64 ounces of juice)
  • Lime juice (if you’re juicing fresh limes, you’ll want about 5-7 limes per serving, which should yield about 3 ounces of juice)
  • Granulated sugar
  • Cayenne
  • Water
  • Ice
  1. Start by making a spicy simple syrup.
  2. To do this, heat water on the stove until boiling, turn off heat, and then add an equal amount of sugar and stir until dissolved. I used ¼ cup of hot water and a ¼ cup of granulated sugar to make about a ½ cup of simple syrup. Next, add 1 teaspoon of powdered cayenne pepper for every ½ cup of simple syrup and stir well. (A ½ cup of spicy simple syrup is enough for 8-16 servings of spicy watermelon limeade, depending on how spicy you like it, so feel free to multiply or divide the recipe for more or less servings as needed.)
  3. While your spicy simple syrup is cooling, add watermelon chunks to a blender and pulse until the watermelon is completely pureed. If you prefer a lighter, smoother consistency for your drink, strain the pulp from the pureed watermelon using a fine mesh strainer. Many stores also carry cold-pressed watermelon juice seasonally if you prefer to skip this step altogether!
  4. If you’re making fresh lime juice, squeeze your limes. You may want to place your watermelon puree or juice in the fridge to keep it cool while your juicing the limes, if you’re making a larger quantity of lime juice.
  5. A spicy-sweet sugar and cayenne rim amps up the fanciness factor and is really easy to create! Simply mix 3 parts sugar to 1 part cayenne in a small bowl and pour the mixture onto a flat surface like a plate or shallow bowl. Rub a small piece of lime on the upper, outer rim of the glass you will use to serve your drink in. Then, lightly roll the rim of the glass back and forth in the sugar and cayenne mixture. Once the rim is properly coated, turn the glass upside down and lightly tap the glass to release any excess sugar and cayenne. Repeat with each glass.
  6. Next, add ice to your glasses, followed by a splash of your spicy simple syrup. I recommend a ½ tablespoon to 1 full tablespoon depending on how spicy you want the drink to be. Add 3 ounces of lime juice and 8 ounces of watermelon juice or puree, stir lightly, and enjoy!




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Soda photos taken by Ashley Berry | Kitchen photo by Crate & Barrel

Thank you to my friend & fellow Blogger, Ashley Berry for sharing this refreshing Soda with us!

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