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Stand where you are

Stand where you are.

Stand tall where you are,
no matter from the mountain,
you are near or far.
Stand firm, here is where you are.
Let the sunlight sweep
across your face,
there is no other,
this is your place.
Stand rooted where you are.
This ground knows no bounds.
Stand tall in who you are,
you have come this far.
Enjoy the life that’s been given you,
by being fully where you are.
Stand where you are.

More than I’d like to admit, I catch myself being fully engaged in where I’m not, in what I’m not, in who I’m not. And when I do this, it’s at the expense of WHAT IS.
If you’ve ever been there or are feeling yourself go down that path now, something I’ve been working on and helps, is to stand where you are. Literally, stop, breath and notice yourself in this moment, in this day, on this ground.
Everything we need is right inside our front door and all around us. Don’t spend today thinking about tomorrow. Focus on your vision, what you want in your life, and I mean, what you REALLY WANT and spend TODAY working on that, but keep a healthy perspective that “today is the day.”
Focus on what is and be grateful for all of it, because we have SO MUCH. Take a deep breath and exhale all of the “should’s,” “If I only,” “I’m not there yet,” “I don’t have this,” “when I get there,” “when I have that,” “when I am that,” and simply settle in to where you are. Seriously, freedom’s on the other side of that single breath.
Today, in all your moments, in every day…focus on what is, be grateful for it all, stand where you are.
xo, Ash

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