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Stocking Stuffers For Her 2017


The stocking has always been my favorite part of Christmas morning. If it’s a really good one, it’s an explosion of little things that make me happy! It’s often these little things that Mark gets right or my mom used to include growing up (remembering the hot pink with bubbles hair gel she always put in my stocking) that make the unveiling of the stocking the magic that it is. This year, I’ve put together a list that is fun, happy and cosmically colorful. Some things that all us girls can use! Which item do you hope goes in your stocking this year? Feel free to share this list with your gift elf.


  1. The newest addition to the fierce forward shop, the cosmic keychain!
  2. Pretty moon and star earrings.
  3. These ombre slides are on my wishlist!
  4. Daintiest gold heart ring, would be so cute stacked with other rings.
  5. Himilayan bath salts for the goddess baths you deserve.
  6. Glitter nail polish, because that’s what’s up.
  7. Babe socks, enough said.
  8. Staying in theme, this cosmic lipgloss by Rihanna comes in several mystic colors including astro-naughty!
  9. Faux fur eye mask for complete relaxation, no light allowed.
  10. Metallic pink usb cable because being pretty in pink applies to even your technology.

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