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Comparison on Social Media

I follow alot of people on social media that leave me wondering if life actually happens to them. Their nail polish is always done and their curated flawless lives make me put down my phone and wonder where I went wrong. What do I need to be more of? How can I be more like her?

It’s a serious fucking trap.

I would like to see more people on social media showcasing what their life is really like. So many portray the shiny, bright highlight reel of perfection and then those who follow them compare their own life against theirs. This leads us right down the rabbit hole of feelings of inadequacy, questioning our own life and self and it only leads to our destruction within.

What I know for sure, while most days I either am in gym clothes or working in my home office with my hair in a sloppy top knot, is that at the end of the day, I look myself in the mirror and measure myself against my efforts. On the days I look at people’s curated lives on social media, I forget to do that and instead, I measure myself and my life against their social media portrayal of their life. It’s a slippery slope and I want to share this with you because you are not alone and I believe it’s becoming something that needs to have more awareness behind and within it.

Be mindful of who you’re following, why you’re following them and how it makes you feel. Sometimes distractions distract you from being present in your own life and grateful for everything you do have.




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