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Tough Mudder Canceled on Us

Saturday I worked 6am-12 and got home and began packing for the Tough Mudder.  My mom was coming over to pick me up and she arrived with a package for me and a letter telling me how "fierce" she thinks I am and to never stop being who I am and going after things I want in my life.  We put on our bandanas and took a FIERCE pic to ...

Christmas Cheer

That time of year is here again. Christmas, New Years and a New Year ahead of us. Some people dislike the Holidays and then you'll find some people that look at the Holidays with Optimism and Cheer. Personally, I think we have a choice and I'd rather love something about something than dislike it. Why waste your energy on something that doesn't serve you in any way. These are life ...

My favorite things.

My motivational book.  I put all my motivating magazine clipping in here.   I chew at night to keep cravings away.   my Tough wallet!   Salt & Pepper Shakers.  I got while antiquing (Love to antique).   Tea   My ipod.  Could NOT go without   Got this at TJ Maxx.  From Dylan's Candy Bar (NYC).  Sooo good.   My clear recipe holder.     I add one scoop ...